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Unearth - Stings of Conscience dalszöveg

Left you on your own. Your own blood. Your lesson for living. Pointed
yourself in thr wrong direction. Abandoned for your actions. Crucified
for wrong decisions made. Full circle of friends lost. Due to ignorance
and fear. Now left only stranded family to lead you throught your
darkest day. This can't wait anymore for your love. This can't wait
anymore for your Answer why your blood has been betrayed. Answer why
he was left for dead. Now sticken by deaths grip. Only few supporters
stay. A lesson for the black sheep makes his days forever gray. No
boundaries for the love lost. When your gone they all will brag how
much they guided you right up until the very end. Your torturing him
when you walk away. Blood has been betrayed. Don't you close your
eyes. You just let him die. You let him die. Tomorrow comes much
faster than anyone can believe. Your soul is crying anguish. Yhere is
still time to change.
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