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Watch my dying - Lockjaw (6:55) dalszöveg

i will skin whole the green bleakness o’ naked walls O fear it`s just rock`n`roll may B somethin’ more i can’t listen 2 the tv B’cause i hear other waves if a sane piece remains in me while advertisements last my lips are just like sun dried door i can’t speak it hurts me 2 smoke in my easy mornin’ standstill i just think that it`s the Perfect sunrise 2 B dissolved in the little justice which greet me they remind me of Yo’ voice in Yo’ stories when i try 2 leave myself off i know it`s hard i’m sorry 4 that U could O do it Xcuse me if U can do please take up the goddamn phone in the gapin’ )`s yawn every 1 is lost who has crosscut me since i live it`s totally unnatural if the view lets me down again may B the goddess o’ ovens screws this wide autumn i howl Yo’ name `till remember which tone i am in that picture that was painted 2 B so strange made by some strangers on surface o’ H2O i bring more ’cause the tank will B empty just like a really heavy sigh passin’ ’round ’n’ ’round in my spherical fury i tried 2 Xist other way the claustrophobic padlock didn’t yield me we waited 4 that day in vain it’s O about U don`t let it delude U O either about me i`m sorry if you let it i load the barrel ov the drunken clean silence in Yo’ cooled seat Othin’ can hurt it`s all over we will meet soon i was proud ov U september’s pages turn my eyes are closin’ down maniaco twists my ego on tuesdays.when everythin’ is wrong
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