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Watch my dying - Original Bodyform (6:13) dalszöveg

(1.Cover of eyelids) i can shake every grate outside i just disappear if i flee anywhere a watchman always finds me there He`s a dwarf but i`ll grow i didn`t know how i was wrong but there are naked knives in all His limbs that He hides i can keep my original body form as my punishment i didn`t like that i have B’come i`d say but can’t understand yet i just have 2 behave He said then i can get legs a W spark is all i need 2 take the 1st steps finally He raises me drives me 2 leave off that i imagine 2 see that can matter O wardrobe but the monsters
(2.Bellin’) i can`t see 2 well since summer sun has vanished as a good father B’cause fathers are like this they go away they die they`re always missing like bread from stomach like home from the vacant empty walls
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