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Wormed - Undeciphering the Inquantificability dalszöveg

Non-neutron fermions
Hyperoctant (quadrant)

Negative phosphorescence
Spectral signals compensation
I’m the primary target

Processing the future values
in this smallest crystal

Which cannot be itself decomposed
Into two or more attractors

Only over the bounded

Regions of phase space
Extremely low compared to what it used to be

I see the edge of this dimensional cosmos
A bursting forth of mechanical and liquid substances
from a cell through rupture (of the) cosmic wall
The second iconosphere doesn’t send signal, signals

Compensation signals

(My) telemetry is overflowed
Entering with the analyzer of real time

I feel a deformation of the cosmos through this passage

Creating a gravitational kick, that would send the now larger black hole

Outward fast enough to escape of this phosphorescent galaxy

Out not fast enough to leave my overall galactic halo

Individual components (are moving rapidly)
Conduits are emerging from the ionized wall
Ionized wall

Values calculated by the modified bio-machine

Ionized wall

I feel no permanent changes
To cellular DNA should be made

Only changes to gene expression
Prediction: Disintegration

My cellular malfunction dramatically warp space–time

Gravity of the hole gets the upper hand
Releasing new forms of existence

Own-quantum parallel existences

The proliferation are forming insidious clones of myself
My scanners shows an absorption fractal and complex spectra
Storm of clones are floating in the hyper vast turbulences
Prediction: linearization and stability of equilibria
In a Cosmo-effective momentum
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