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Children of Bodom - Cry of the Nihilist dalszöveg

Don't care have faith or mindset
Plunder and pillage yet
Complain whine and cry like a baby
Ain't so tough after all
U claim that you don't believe in nothing
Goddamn that must be exhausting
I know, you know this is getting
Boring, a lil dull, don't you think?

And no to mention-hatred, loath and revulsion
You juest throw around, like it's no even there

Embracing dissolution
Is that who
I have become
Over the years?

Aversion to entity and
Life in this world
Broken you up in tears

When the nite comes,
When the sunlite dies

That's what it sound like
Whe a nihilist cries

So it finally all got
Back to me

A real reactionary, is what
You'd like to be
When the nite comes,
When the sunlite dies

Tha'ts what it sounds like
Whe a nihilist cries
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