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Folkearth - 1. The Forlorn Knight dalszöveg

The Forlorn Knight

Following Avon's crystal path 
I pass'd by Warwick by chance 
Where I came across a mansion 
Standing gauntly on a low bluff... 

He was brave and he was bold 
He was in love with the daughter of his lord 
She would not have him 
She would not care 
So he went afar to win her hand... 

Germania's rose he set free 
And put Saracens to the sword 
He laid low monstrous beasts 
Yet love he did not win... 

He faced the Danes 
And saved the day-King Athelstan 
Did praise his name... 

But bereft of love 
He turned to god 
And shut himself away from men... 

Then I awoke and realized 
I had slept in his death-bed...
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