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Godsmack - Stress dalszöveg

You think your head's achin', I'm not finished yet
I won't be mistaken, how soon you forget
Take back what you said and I'll spare you pain
Then you can spare me all your fuckin' lies

I can't wait to get away

I ask you twenty more times
Don't you hear a thing?
You're testing my patience again
Careful for your sake
Take a walk with me there, and I'll show you pain
But who said you can open up your mouth

I can't wait to get away

Thoughts are pissed away
And for a minute I couldn't swallow

Thoughts are pissed away
And for a minute, I couldn't swallow
If you think that I'm the one who'll be here
Come tomorrow think again

In time I'll be here, not waiting for you anymore
I love you anyway, is it so rare that I've been
Sleeping with the dead
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