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Gyöngyvér - Trees can cry (with Tula Zemer) (Bónusz) dalszöveg

Every time you look at me
No trace of our own history
The words become the violence of our soul
Every time you look away 
When crimes are newly made each day
You can,t fix the tear it won't be whole.

We live in times of sadness
Patience,s an act of madness
Go ahead and open up your mind
We're only miles apart 
Common open up your heart
And you'll see we don't need to be blind

And we all are alone in the forest
(Our roots have dried out)
Every day we can try
(Gotta live with your heart)
And we know when it's dark, no one listens
(If you listen very hard)
Even trees can cry
(Open up your heart)

What happened to mankid?
We cannot find the peace of mind
One way is to open up the door
Set aside your righteous ways
Try to brighten up your days
Like the wave who reaches for the shore

We can change our history
Make the dream reality
Fix the things that make it feel so wrong
Water up the roots that dried
Leave the prejudice aside
We know where we truly do belong
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