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Satanic Warmaster - My Kingdom Of Darkness dalszöveg

This sunless landscape of my realm before my eyes 
Like and untouched creation from the darkest ancient times 
There, where the raven flies, lie the gates to my kingdom 
Forgotten and buried in snow behind these lifeless trees 

My kingdom, where my throne is eternal 
Where my reign is lonely in silence 
Where the bleak sky is guarded by the ravens 
In my kingdom of darkness 

This night-time, in solitude with all my deepest thoughts 
The stars in the sky as my only light and company 
Like a thousand eyes of Lucifer, watching over me 
Enlightening my journey across this cold domain 

My kingdom, where my throne is eternal 
For centuries before me it has stood 
When I am gone, it shall still remain 
My kingdom of darkness.
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