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Scream Silence - Promise dalszöveg

I remember
The heat in me
The fire
Like the sun it burned between us
You were my flower
In the desert
It was the storm
That always showed me the right way

The time has gone so fast
You will leave me
Faking your smile your face sends the grief to me
Tears in me
Let me drown
I kiss your face
With the pain I remain

I keep your soul for eternity
You're not alone believe in me
Nothing in my mind will change
I catch your spirit before you die
And take the last tear from your eye
So bitter the parting
The pain in myself

Now it happens
Your soul passes my body
A low croon
Of your voice sounds in my head
Strange feeling
It hurls me in trance
I hear you call me
Whisper the words to me

I keep your soul for eternity
If you miss me on your side
Think of me and wait for the night
I could be the vision in your dreams
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