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Stonedirt - Southern Records and Beer and Brandy dalszöveg

Southern records and beer and brandy

We went down south for the recordings
And all the way down i was writin’ the lyrics
When finally we arrived ’twas already night
So we had to start drink beer and brandy – that’s right

you can’t hide it – coz we’ll find it
and we will drink all the stuff in here

(chorus - 1)
So fine a drinkin’ night
And in the morning fucked by the new day’s light
Knocked out – searchin’ for
A little water but was fucked by more alcohol

(chorus – 2)
You must hide it from me
(coz) I can’t refuse it
Anyway I’ll be howlin’ all day

We went down for a nice joygrind
’n’ sang up some lighter just before midnight
The harsh ones were waitin’ for tomorrow
But how we would be drunk nobody ever knew
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