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Acid Witch Vocsls, bass : Shagrat
Vocals, Keyboards : Slasher Dave
Guitars : "Magic" Mike Tuff
Drums : Phil Warren

Albumok :

Witchtanic Hellucinations (2008)
Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations 1.Intro 
2.Into the Cave 
3.Swamp Spells 
4.Witchblood Cult 
5.The Black Witch 
6.Witchtanic Hellucinations 
7.Beastly Brew 
8.Cauldron Cave 
9.Rabid Werewitch 
10.Realm of the Wicked 
11.Witches Tits 
12.Broomstick Bitch 
13.October 31st 
Witch House EP (2009)
Acid Witch - Witch House EP 1.Witch House 
2.Worship The Worm 
Midnight Mass EP (2010)
Acid Witch - Midnight Mass EP 1.Intro 
2.Midnight Mass 
3.To Magic, Sex and Gore 
Stoned (2010)
Acid Witch - Stoned1.Satanic Faith 
2.Witchfynder Finder 
3.Trick or Treat 
4.Thundering Hooves 
5.Live Forever 
6.Whispers in the Dark 
7.If Hell Exists 
8.Stoned to the Grave 
9.Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown 
10.Sabbath of the Undead 
Spooky Split (2014)
Acid Witch - Spooky Split1.Acid Witch - Evil 
2.Nunslaughter - Spooky Tails 
3.Nunslaughter - A Sordid Past 
4.Acid Witch - Fiends of Old 
Hells Headbash Split video (2015)
Acid Witch - Hells Headbash  Split video1.Nunslaughter - Live 
2.Acid Witch - Live 
3.Shitfucker - Live 
4.Midnight - Live 
5.Acid Witch - Party Time 
6.Midnight - Evil Like a Knife 
7.Nunslaughter - God 
8.Shitfucker - Sex Dungeon 
Midnight Movies Ep (2015)
Acid Witch -  Midnight Movies Ep1.I`m Back (Sorcery cover) 
2.After Midnight (Fastway cover) 
3.Soldiers of the Night (Black Roses cover) 
4.Partytime (45 Grave cover) 
Stale Candy - The Ep's of AW Compilation (2016)
Acid Witch -  Stale Candy - The Ep1.Evil 
2.Fiends of Old 
3.Witch House 
4.Worship the Worm 
6.Midnight Mass 
7.To Magic, Sex and Gore 
8.Cherry Orchards (Celtic Frost cover) 
Black Mold Split Video (2016)
Acid Witch - Black Mold  Split Video1.Shitfucker - Sex Dungeon 
2.Shitfucker - Black Mold 
3.Midnight - Evil like a Knife 
4.Acid Witch - Partytime 
Evil Sound Screamers (2017)
Acid Witch - Evil Sound Screamers1.Scare Tape 
2.Mr. Beistle 
3.I Hate Halloween 
4.Cheap Gore 
5.Nain Rouge (The Red Dwarf) 
6.Enter at Your Own Risk 
7.Mutilation Mansion 
8.Hardrock Halloween 
9.Nightmare in a Damaged Brain 
10.An Evil Sound Screaming 
Black Christmas Evil Ep (2018)
Acid Witch - Black Christmas Evil  Ep1.Black Christmas 
2.Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out!) 
It's Halloween Night (The Witches' Jack​-​O​-​Lantern) Single (2019)
Acid Witch - It1.It`s Halloween Night (The Witches` Jack​-​O​-​Lantern) 
To Magic, Sex and Gore Single (2019)
Acid Witch - To Magic, Sex and Gore  Single1.To Magic, Sex and Gore 

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Nammtar, Zaum, Mocsok, Sziporka, Hypothermia, - Valar Morghulis -, Gemini, Heren the Hunter

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