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I'm Dead Fuck You (2004)
Alien Vampires - I1.Funeral Rave 
2.The Crop Circle (And Your Children Disappear in the Dark) 
3.I`m Dead Fuck You 
4.Muthoid Throne 
Evil Generation (2005)
Alien Vampires - Evil Generation1.Evil Generation 
2.I Fuck Nuns 
3.Fake Blood is For Cunt 
4.Down in Hell (Satanischer) 
5.Defending the Muthoid Throne 
6.Excuse For All the Blood 
7.Chernobyl is My Throne 
8.Satanic Propaganda (S. N. T. F. Rising) 
9.We Will Rise 
No One Here Gets Out Alive (2007)
Alien Vampires - No One Here Gets Out Alive1.Watershed (Everyone Fucks Everyone) 
2.We`re Going to Hell 
3.We Are Dead Fuck You 
4.Rave to the Grave 
5.Fuck Machine 
6.Hell. S. D. 
8.Ego Sum Qui Intus Habitat 
9.Industrial Warriors 
10.You`ll All Die 
11.Fucking Negative 
12.What the Fuck Do You Want From Me 
13.No One Here Gets Out Alive 
14.Show Me the Way 
Nuns Are Pregnant (2007)
Alien Vampires - Nuns Are Pregnant1.Fuck Your Exorcism 
2.Nuns Are Pregnant (The Medium is Born) 
3.Jesus Christ Buried Alive 
4.Neuroleptic Malignant Injection 
Fuck Off and Die (2009)
Alien Vampires - Fuck Off and Die1.Intro - 666 (By in Slaughter Natives) 
2.Fuck Off and Die 
3.Death Cult Devotion 
4.Footjob Addicition 
5.Far From Humans (feat. Suicide Commando) 
6.Resistance Ain`t Futile 
7.Blood Bath 
8.Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry 
9.To Die With U 
10.One Night Stand 
11.Death to Pigs 
12.The Convent Burns 
13.Hell Descent 
14.Kill the Authority 
16.Fuck Off and Die (Remix By Noisuf-X) 
Harshlizer (2010)
Alien Vampires - Harshlizer1.No Way Back 
2.Evil Bloody Music 
3.She`s On Drugs (More Than Me) 
4.See You In Hell 
7.Before It`s Too Late 
9.Control The Universe 
11.Death March 
12.Far Away 
14.Nothing To Lose 
15.Her Blood Into My Veins 
Clubbers Die Younger (2012)
Alien Vampires - Clubbers Die Younger1.Harsh & Rotten 
2.Clubbers Die Younger 
3.Acid Orgy 
4.Dark Skies 
5.Dark Skies (feat. Sonya Scarlett) 
6.Clubbers Die Younger - remix by WASTE 
7.Clubbers Die Younger - remix by CHAINREACTOR 
8.Clubbers Die Younger - remix by C-LEKKTOR 
9.Harsh & Rotten - remix by AMDUSCIA 

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