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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gitár, ének : Peter Hayes
basszus, ének : Robert Levon Been
dob : Nick Jago

Albumok :

B.R.M.C (2001)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - B.R.M.C1.Love Burns [watch video]
2.Red Eyes and Tears 
3.Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song) 
5.White Palms 
6.As Sure as the Sun 
8.Too Real 
9.Spread Your Love 
10.Head Up High 
11.Salvation [watch video]
Take Them On, On Your Own (2003)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Take Them On, On Your Own1.Stop 
2.Six Barrel Shotgun 
3.We're All in Love 
4.In Like the Rose 
5.Ha Ha High Babe 
7.Shade of Blue 
8.U.S. Government 
9.And I'm Aching 
11.Rise or Fall 
12.Going Under 
13.Heart + Soul 
Howl (2005)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl1.Shuffle Your Feet 
2.Howl [watch video]
3.Devil's Waitin' 
4.Ain't No Easy Way [watch video]
5.Still Suspicion Holds You Tight 
6.Fault Line [watch video]
8.Weight of the World [watch video]
9.Restless Sinner 
10.Gospel Song 
11.Complicated Situation 
12.Sympathetic Noose 
13.The Line 
Baby81 (2007)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby811.Took Out a Loan 
2.Berlin [watch video]
3.Weapon of Choice [watch video]
5.Cold Wind 
6.Not What You Wanted 
7.666 Conducer [watch video]
8.All You Do Is Talk 
9.Lien on Your Dreams 
10.Need Some Air 
11.Killing the Light 
12.American X [watch video]
13.Am I Only 
14.The Likes of You 

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