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Black Stone Cherry guitar and vocals : Chris Robertson
guitar : Ben Wells
bass guitar : Jon Lawhon
drums : John Fred Young
Black Stone Cherry formed in the summer of June 4, 2001 in a small town in Kentucky(Edmonton). Playing Southern hard rock, Black Stone Cherry emphasize community and local color in their songs. They are signed to Roadrunner Records. The band consists of Chris Robertson (guitar and vocals), Ben Wells (guitar), Jon Lawhon (bass guitar), and John Fred Young (drums).Surrounded by music and support in Kentucky, Black Stone Cherry was able to develop far away from the mainstream. John Fred once explained, "When you're from an area where you don't have the competition to be playing the same kind of music, you create your own style of music." Chris and John Fred started to play music together early in their teens and Jon and Ben soon followed them. Black Stone Cherry officially formed on June 4, 2001. Then they took over the practice house that had been used by the Kentucky Headhunters since 1968 and practiced relentlessly. Black Stone Cherry friend Aaron McCloud says "Their music is real, and I'm very inspired by their music and their personalities."With expanding local popularity, Black Stone Cherry began to record tracks. After the band finished recording, they returned to Edmonton for a homecoming gig in the gym of the local middle school, which was attended by 1500 people. After the band’s self-titled debut album was released, Chris's former school principal invited the band back to Edmonton to celebrate with a concert. As the band entered the town, the streets were covered with signs welcoming them back.In July 2007, they released a second EP containing the song "Rain Wizard" along with two previously unreleased tracks.The first live album by Black Stone Cherry was released on October 31, 2007 immediately following the concert at the Astoria in London. They joined Def Leppard and Whitesnake in the summer of 2008 for European dates.On August 19, 2008 Black Stone Cherry released their second album, entitled "Folklore and Superstition".

Albumok :

Black Stone Cherry (2006)
Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone Cherry1.Rain Wizard [watch video]
2.Backwoods Gold [watch video]
3.Lonely Train [watch video]
4.Maybe someday [watch video]
5.When the weight comes down [watch video]
6.Crosstown Woman [watch video]
7.Shooting Star [watch video]
8.Hell & High water [watch video]
9.Shapes of Things [watch video]
10.Violator Girl [watch video]
11.Tired of the Rain [watch video]
12.Drive [watch video]
13.Rollin` on [watch video]
Live at the Astoria, London(31.10.07.)(live) (2007)
 1.Rain Wizard [watch video]
2.Backwoods Gold 
3.Yeah Man 
4.Rollin` on [watch video]
5.Violator Girl [watch video]
6.Big City Lights [watch video]
7.Hell & High water 
8.Shapes of Things 
9.Folsom Prison Blues 
10.Crosstown Woman 
11.Hoochie Coochie Man 
12.Drum Solo (in the middle of Hoochie Coochie Man) 
13.End of Hoochie Coochie Man 
14.Lonely Train [watch video]
15.Shooting Star 
16.Maybe someday 
17.Guitar Solos 
18.Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 
Folklore and Superstition (2008)
Black Stone Cherry - Folklore and Superstition1.Blind Man [watch video]
2.Please come in [watch video]
3.Reverend Wrinkle [watch video]
4.Soulcreek [watch video]
5.Things my father said [watch video]
6.The bitter end [watch video]
7.Long Sleeves [watch video]
8.Peace is free [watch video]
9.Devil`s Queen [watch video]
10.The key [watch video]
11.You [watch video]
12.Sunrise [watch video]
13.Ghost of floyd collins [watch video]
14.Cowboys (Japanese bonus track) 
15.Junkman (iTunes bonus track) 
16.Stranger (iTunes bonus track) 
17.Bulldozer (iTunes bonus track) 
Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea (2011)
Black Stone Cherry - Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea1.White Trash Millionaire 
2.Killing Floor 
3.In my Blood 
4.Such a Shame 
5.Won`t Let Go 
6.Blame it on the Boom Boom 
7.Like I Roll 
8.Can`t You See 
9.Let Me See You Shake 
12.All I`m Dreamin` Of 

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