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Incarnation of Morbidity (demo) (1991)
Cemetary -  Incarnation of Morbidity (demo)1.Intro 
2.The Funeral (Eternal Rest) 
3.Beyond The Grave 
In Articulus Mortis (demo) (1991)
Cemetary - In Articulus Mortis (demo)1.Intro (In Articulus Mortis) 
2.Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream 
3.They Dance At The End Of Time 
4.Nightmare Lake 
5.The Forgotten 
Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream/The Funeral (demo) (1992)
 1.Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream 
2.The Funeral 
An Evil Shade Of Grey (1992)
Cemetary - An Evil Shade Of Grey 1.Dead Red 
2.Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream 
3.Dark Illusions 
4.An Evil Shade Of Grey 
5.Sidereal Passing 
7.Nightmare Lake 
Godless Beauty (1993)
Cemetary - Godless Beauty 1.Now She Walks the Shadows 
2.The Serpent`s Kiss 
3.And Julie is No More 
4.By My Own Hand 
6.Adrift in Scarlet Twilight 
7.In Black 
8.Sunrise (Never Again) 
9.Where the Fire Forever Burns 
Black Vanity (1994)
Cemetary - Black Vanity 1.Bitter Seed 
2.Ebony Rain 
3.Hunger of the Innocent 
5.Black Flowers of Passion 
6.Last Departure / Serpentine Parade 
7.Sweet Tragedy 
8.Pale Autumn Fire 
9.Out in Sand 
10.Rosemary Taste the Sky 
Sundown (ep) (1995)
Cemetary - Sundown (ep)1.Last Transmission 
Sundown (1995)
Cemetary - Sundown1.Elysia 
2.Closer to the Pain 
3.Last Transmission 
7.New Dawn Coming 
8.The Embrace 
10.The Wake 
Last Confessions (1997)
Cemetary - Last Confessions 1.Forever 
2.Caress the Damned 
3.So Sad Your Sorrow 
4.1213 - Trancegalactica 
5.Twin Reactor 
6.Field of Fire 
7.One Burning Night 
8.Carbon Heart 
Sweetest Tragedies (Best of/Compilation) (1999)
Cemetary - Sweetest Tragedies (Best of/Compilation) 1.Last Transmission 
3.Caress The Damned 
4.By My Own Hand 
6.Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream 
7.Pale Autumn Fire 
8.And Julie is No More 
9.So Sad Your Sorrow 
11.Sweet Tragedy 
12.Where The Fire Forever Burns 
Phantasma (2005)
Cemetary - Phantasma1.Far From God 
2.Plasma Phantasma 
3.Basic Black 
4.Down Cold 
5.Coma Burn 
6.2nd Last To Nowhere 
8.Drowning Out The World 
9.Tapes Of Their Voices 

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