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  Énekes : Ivan
Gitáros : Alexey
Basszer : Dimitry
Billentyűs : Nataly
Dobos : Mikhail
Birthday of Conflict is 20.04.2004, when 2 guys – Alexey (guitar) and Mikhail (drums) – decided to knock the band. Later in 2005 Ivan as vocal and in 2007 Dmitriy as bass-player jointed them. In 2008 Nataly began to help as keys and she quickly became a permanent fixture. Thus the current line of Conflict was born. It took time for Conflict to find their groove, shape their sound. While looking for their own origin sound, guys tried themselves playing covers of representatives of metal school of Goteborg (At The Gates, The Haunted), as well as monsters of death metal Cannibal Corpse. As a result of art-searches was a final decision to drive their style forward Industrial Metal. In this trend their teachers were the founders of style - Fear Factory. Following FF's traditions and reviving their best ideas band start working in death industrial metal style. Today Conflict's music is conceptualized Industrial Death Metal with brutal vocal supported by atmospheric keyboards which will immerse you to the anthropogenic future's atmosphere and never release you! 20th of February 2009 debut album «PROTOTYPE» was released. Solid futuristic sound, urgent lyrics, dark and cold metal of the future – this is all that separate Сonflict among big mass of monotonous styles. Future begins today! .Fordítás hamarosan!

Albumok :

Prototype (2009)
4.What does wait us 

Kedvencek közé jelölték :
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2011.12.23. 21:15:18
Mielött még valaki félreértené ez az orosz industrial zenekar nem a punk zenekar!
Előre is sry ,de elég kevés infó van róluk mert még kiforratlan az együttes ,de azért szerintem egyetértetek ,hogy már most is rohadt jó:)

*módosítva: 2011-12-24 12:53:16
A halál olyan ,mint a fagyi:hideg és édes:)

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