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Dr. Acula Bass : Rob Acula
Vocals, Keyboard : Pete
Vocals : Tyler Guida
Drums : Drew
Keyboard : Joey
Guitar : Lou Dawg
Guitar : Bill

Albumok :

S.L.O.B (2007)
Dr. Acula - S.L.O.B1.Party 
2.The Cuckoo Clock of Doom 
3.Night of the living Dummy 
4.Let`s Get Invisible 
5.Monster Blood 
6.How I Got my Shrunken Head 
7.Piano Lessons can be Murder 
8.Shocker on Shock Street 
9.Say Cheese and Die 
10.Legend of the Lost legend 
Below Me (2008)
Dr. Acula - Below Me1.Beer Pong Massacre 
2.Why I`m Afraind Of Bees 
3.Night Of The Living Dummy 
4.Go Eat Worms 
5.You Can`t Scare Me 
6.Say Cheese And Die 
7.Shocker On Shock Street 
8.Piano Lessons Can Be Murder 
9.Say Chesse And Die Again 
10.Monster Blood 
11.The Cluckoo Clock Of Doom 
12.How I Got My Shrunken Head 
14.Beast From The East 
15.Calling All Creeps 
Slobology (2009)
Dr. Acula - Slobology1.Vampire Breath 
2.Night Of The Living Dummy 
3.Say Cheese And Die 
4.Monster Blood 
5.Horror At Camp Jellyjam 
6.Piano Lessons Can Be Murder 
8.The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom 
9.Night Of The Living Dummy 
10.Let’s Get Invisible 
11.Monster Blood 
12.How I Got My Shrunken Head 
13.Piano Lessons Can Be Murder 
14.Shocker on Shock Street 
15.Say Cheese And Die 
16.Legend Of The Lost Legend 
The Social Event Of The Century (2010)
Dr. Acula - The Social Event Of The Century	1.(Welcome To) The Social Event of the Century 
2.There`s no Glory in Fame 
3.The MusicVideo Game Olympics 
4.New York, California And Nowhere in Between 
6.The "L" Train to "High Street" 
8.The Rise and Fall of T.H.C. Tennis 
9.Is This a Party or a Dick Measuring Contest 
10.Show Stopper!! 
Slander (2011)
Dr. Acula - Slander1.Clinger (Stage 5) 
2.Fire Croth (The Veneral Van Ride) 
3.Welcome to Camp Nightmare 
4.Currently Sexting... 
5.Cocaine Avalanche 
6.Song Before the Song 
7.Pure and Immature (Goon) 
8.Who You Gonna Call?! 
9.All Work No Play 
11.Slampig (...And Then the Bitch) 
12.Party 2.0 
13.The Big Sleep 

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