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Faster Pussycat Guitar (2005 Tour) : Eric Griffin
Drums (1990 Tour) : Frankie Banali
Guitar (2001-2002 Tour) : Tracii Guns
Drums (1986-1990) : Mark Michals
Drums (1990-1993) : Brett Bradshaw
Bass (1986-1987) : Kelly Nickels
Bass (1987-1993) : Eric Stacy
Guitar (1986–1993, 2001–2005) : Brent Muscat
Guitar (1986–1993, 2001) : Greg Steele
Drums (2001-) : Chad Stewart
Bass (2001-) : Danny Nordahl
Guitar (2007-) : Michael Thomas
Guitar (2001-) : Xristian Simon
Vox (1986–1993, 2001–) : Taime Downe

Albumok :

Faster Pussycat (1987)
Faster Pussycat - Faster Pussycat1.Don`t change that song [tab][watch video]
2.Bathroom wall [tab][watch video]
3.No room for emotion 
5.Babylon [tab]
6.Smash alley 
7.Shooting you down 
8.City has no heart 
9.Ship rolls in 
10.Bottle in front of me 
Wake Me When It's Over (1989)
Faster Pussycat - Wake Me When It1.Where there`s a whip there`s a way [tab]
2.Little dove 
3.Poison ivy [watch video]
4.House of pain [watch video]
5.Gonna walk 
6.Pulling weeds 
7.Slip of the tongue [tab]
8.Cryin` shame 
10.Ain`t no way around it 
11.Arizona indian doll 
12.Please dear 
Live And Rare (EP) (1990)
Faster Pussycat - Live And Rare (EP)1.Bathroom wall [remix] 
2.Poison ivy [edit] 
3.Pulling weeds [live] 
4.Slip of the tongue [live] 
5.Babylon [live] 
6.House of pain [edit] 
Whipped! (1992)
Faster Pussycat - Whipped!1.Nonstop to nowhere [watch video]
2.The body thief 
3.Jack the bastard 
4.Big dictionary 
5.Madam ruby`s love boutique 
6.Only way out 
7.Maid in wonderland 
9.Cat bash 
10.Loose booty 
11.Mr. lovedog 
12.Out with a bang 
Belted, Buckled And Booted (EP) (1992)
Faster Pussycat - Belted, Buckled And Booted (EP)1.Nonstop to nowhere 
2.Too tight [previously unreleased] 
3.Charge me up [previously unreleased] 
4.You`re so vain [tab][watch video]
The Best Of Faster Pussycat (1994)
Faster Pussycat - The Best Of Faster Pussycat1.Where there`s a whip there`s a way 
2.Bathroom wall 
4.You`re so vain 
5.The body thief 
6.Poison ivy 
7.House of pain [tab]
8.Smash alley 
9.Don`t change that song 
10.Pulling weeds 
11.No room for emotion 
12.Slip of the tongue 
13.Nonstop to nowhere 
14.Little dove 
Greatest Hits (2000)
Faster Pussycat - Greatest Hits1.Poison ivy 
2.Nonstop to nowhere 
4.Slip of the tongue 
5.Where there`s a whip there`s a way 
6.Don`t change that song 
7.Bathroom wall 
8.Bottle in front of me 
9.You`re so vain 
10.House of pain 
Between The Valley Of The Ultra Pussy (2001)
Faster Pussycat - Between The Valley Of The Ultra Pussy1.Arizona indian doll 
2.Bathroom wall 
3.Little dove 
4.Poison ivy 
5.Smash alley 
6.Out with a bang 
7.The body thief 
8.House of pain 
10.Where there`s a whip there`s a way 
11.Slip of the tongue 
12.I was made for loving you [KISS] 
The Power & The Glory Hole (2006)
Faster Pussycat - The Power & The Glory Hole1.Number 1 with a bullet 
2.Gotta love it 
4.Sex, drugs and rock `n` roll 
6.These boots were made for walking [tab]
7.Hey you 
8.Porn star 
9.The power and the glory hole 
10.Shut up and fuck 
11.Bye bye Bianca 
Front Row For The Donkey Show (Live) (2009)
Faster Pussycat - Front Row For The Donkey Show (Live)1.Intro 
2.The power and the glory hole 
4.Slip of the tongue 
5.Number 1 with a bullet 
6.Sex, drugs and rock `n` roll 
7.House of pain 
8.Where there`s a whip there`s a way 
9.Porn star 
10.Bathroom wall 
11.Shut up and fuck 
13.It`s only rock `n` roll (Rolling Stones studio cover) 

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