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  guitars, bass, drums & vocal : Frediablo
Gorelord is Frediablo's [Hemnur, ex-Necrophagia, ex-Grimfist] horror inspired one-man deathgroove metal project. Gorelord was founded back in 1999, and after recording 3 demos, he was picked up by Necrophagia frontman Killjoy and ex-Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo's record label "Baphomet/Housecore Records", on which he released his debut album "Force Fed On Human Flesh". The album hailed great reviews worldwide, and led to further bloodshed in form of sophomore album "Zombie Suicide Part 666". This fucker was a violent punch to the face in terms of groove and heavyness. Thick grinding guitars, mixed with punishing drums and hideous death/black vocals.Then.. April 1, 2006 saw the release of Gorelord's third album "Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre". This brutal force of musical violence was released via Coffin Records & Red Stream INC, and features 11 tracks of groove infested HorrorCore. The album also features a guest appearance by Kerrang! Magazine's own Dom "Of The Dead" Lawson, doing vocals and lyrics for a track titled "The Glorification Of Violence", and is a truly sick piece of work.Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre carves yet another mark in Gorelord's bloody history, and will serve the fans well, right up until Gorelord's next full length release titled "Chapter IV - Hellbound" This album will be released via SWORN RECORDS late summer of 2008, and will feature the heaviest and most catchy Gorelord songs to date!! Expect nothing but total groove infested Norwegian HorrorCore !!Albumok : The House Of Unholy Terror (demo 1999)Force Fed On Human Flesh (full length 2001)Creature Feature (split Ep 2001)Creature Feature Vol II (split Ep 2002)Zombie Suicide Part 666 (full length 2002)Drunk, Damned & Decayed (DVD 2005)Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre (full length 2006)Chapter IV -Hellbound (full length 2008)

Albumok :

The House of Unholy Terror (1999)
Gorelord - The House of Unholy Terror1.The House Of Unholy Terror 
2.Dismembered Virgin Limbs 
3.Crushed Skulls On Christian Shoulders 
4.Force Fed On Human Flesh 
5.Crucified Goat Drenched In Blasphemic Blood 
6.Chainsaw Ripping Skin 
7.Necrophilic Orgy In Entrails & Cum 
8.Alive When Fucking The Dead 
9.Maggots Impaled 
10.Passage To Blood Soaked Nightmares 
Force Fed On Human Flesh (2001)
Gorelord - Force Fed On Human Flesh1.Dismembered Virgin Limbs 
2.Crushed Skull On Christian Shoulders 
3.Crucified Goat Drenched In Blasphemic Blood 
4.Force Fed On Human Flesh 
5.Necrophilic Orgy In Entrails & Cum 
6.Chainsaw Ripping Skin 
7.Alive When Fucking The Dead 
8.Maggots Impaled [watch video]
9.Hell`s Kitchen 
Zombie Suicide Part 666 (2002)
Gorelord - Zombie Suicide Part 6661.The Stench Of Flesh Decomposing 
2.Screams Choked To Silence 
3.Dreams Of The Macabre 
4.Horror Gore & Unreligion 
6.Shrieks Of The Undead 
7.Cumfucked Face Of Death [watch video]
8.Four Ways To Heaven One Way To Hell 
9.I Am Master Here 
10.Bonus Track - Alive When Fucking The Dead (Demo) 
11.Bonus Track - Necrophilic Orgy In Entrails & Cum (Demo) 
Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre (2006)
Gorelord - Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre1.Outback Part II 
2.Dying or Dreaming 
3.All Hail the Gods of Horror 
4.Flesh to Feed 
5.Man of Shit 
8.The Rising of the Undead 
9.Sprayed With Gasoline 
10.The Glorification of Violence 
11.The Final Cut 

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