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Hallucinations of Despair (1991)
Green Carnation - Hallucinations of Despair1.Laudate Dominum 
2.Deceased (Ashes To Ashes) 
4.Corpus Christi 
5.A Kiss Before Dying 
6.Deface Of Mind 
7.Burning To Death 
8.Hallucinations Of Despair 
Journey to the End of the Night (2000)
Green Carnation - Journey to the End of the Night1.Falling Into Darkness 
2.In the Realm of the Midnight Sun 
3.My Dark Reflections of Life and Death 
4.Under Eternal Stars 
5.Journey to the End of the Night (Part I) 
6.Echoes of Despair (Part II) 
7.End of Journey? (Part III) 
8.Shattered (Part IV) 
Light of Day, Day of Darkness (2001)
Green Carnation - Light of Day, Day of Darkness1.Light of Day, Day of Darkness 
A Blessing in Disguise (2003)
Green Carnation - A Blessing in Disguise1.Crushed to Dust 
2.Lullaby in Winter 
3.Writings On the Wall 
4.Into Deep 
5.The Boy in the Attic 
6.Two Seconds in Life 
7.Myron & Cole 
8.As Life Flows By 
The Trilogy (2004)
Green Carnation - The Trilogy1.Journey to the End of the Night 
2.Light of Day, Day of Darkness 
3.A Blessing in Disguise 
The Quiet Offspring (2005)
Green Carnation - The Quiet Offspring1.The Quiet Offspring 
2.Between the Gentle Small & the Standing Tall 
3.Just When You Think It`s Safe 
4.A Place for Me 
5.The Everlasting Moment 
6.Purple Door, Pitch Black 
7.Childsplay Part I 
8.Dead but Dreaming 
9.Pile of Doubt 
10.When I Was You 
11.Childsplay Part II 
The Acoustic Verses (2005)
Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses1.Sweet Leaf 
2.The Burden Is Mine...Alone 
6.Childs Play part III 
7.High Tide Waves 
The Burden Is Mine... Alone (2005)
Green Carnation - The Burden Is Mine... Alone1.Burden Is Mine... Alone 
2.Sweet Leaf 
3.Transparent Me 
4.Six Ribbons [Jon English cover] 

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