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Hate Eternal Vocals : Erik Rutan
Bass : J.J. Hrubovcak
Drums : Jade Simonetto
Jared Anderson-Vocals/Bass(RIP 14 Oct.2006)Shaune Kelley-GuitarsDoug Cerrito-GuitarsAlex Webster-BassRandy Piro-BassMakato Mizoguchi-BassDerek Roddy-DrumsTim Yeung-DrumsReno Killerich-Drums(Live)Kevin Talley-Drums(Live)

Albumok :

Engulfed In Grief/Promo '97(Split With Alas) (1997)
Hate Eternal - Engulfed In Grief/Promo 1.Messiah Of Rage 
2.Sacrilege Of Hate 
3.Saturated In Dejection 
Conquering The Throne (1999)
Hate Eternal - Conquering The Throne1.Praise Of The Almighty 
2.Dogma Condemned 
4.Nailed To Obscurity 
5.By His Own Decree 
6.The Creed Of Chaotic Divinity 
8.Sacrilege Of Hate 
9.Spiritual Holocaust 
10.Darkness By Oath 
11.Saturated In Dejection 
King Of All Kings (2002)
Hate Eternal - King Of All Kings1.Our Beckoning 
2.King Of All Kings 
3.The Obscure Terror 
4.Servants Of The Gods 
5.Beyond Redemption 
6.Born By Fire 
7.Chants In Declaration 
8.Rising Legions Of Black 
9.In Spirit(The Power Of Mana) 
10.Powers That Be 
I,Monarch (2005)
Hate Eternal - I,Monarch1.Two Demons 
2.Behold Judas 
3.The Victorious Reign 
4.To Know Our Enemies 
6.Path To The Eternal Gods 
7.The Plague Of Humanity 
8.It Is Our Will 
9.Sons Of Darkness 
10.Faceless One 
The Perilous Fight(DVD) (2006)
Hate Eternal - The Perilous Fight(DVD)1.Two Demons 
2.Servants Of The Gods 
3.The Victorious Reign 
4.Dogma Condemned 
6.Behold Judas 
7.The Obscure Terror 
8.To Know Our Enemies 
9.Powers That Be 
10.By His Own Decree 
11.Sons Of Darkness 
12.King Of All Kings 
13.Powers That Be 
15.The Victorious Reign 
Fury And Flames (2008)
Hate Eternal - Fury And Flames1.Hell Envenom 
2.Whom Gods May Destroy 
3.Para Bellum 
4.Bringer Of Storms 
5.The Funerary March 
6.Thus Salvation 
7.Proclamation Of The Damned 
8.Fury Within 
9.Tombeau(Le Tombeau De La Fureur Et Des Flames) 
Phoenix Amongst The Ashes (2011)
Hate Eternal - Phoenix Amongst The Ashes1.Rebirth 
2.The Eternal Ruler 
3.Thorns Of Acacia 
4.Haunting Abound 
5.The Art Of Redemption 
6.Phoenix Amongst The Ashes 
9.Lake Ablaze 
10.The Fire Of Resurrection 

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