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Malevolent Creation Vocals : Brett Hoffmann
Guitar : Phil Fasciana
Guitar : Deron Miller
Bass : Marco Martell
Drums : Fabian Aguirre
(Ex)Vocals : Kyle Symons
(Ex)Guitar : Rob Barrett
(Ex)Guitar : Jon Rubin
(Ex)Guitar : Jeff Juszkiewicz
(Ex)Guitar : John Paul Soars
(Ex)Bass : Jason Blachowicz
(Ex)Bass : Scott O'dell
(Ex)Bass : Greg St.John
(Ex)Bass : Mark Van Erp
(Ex)Bass : Gordon Simms
(Ex)Drums : Dave Culross
(Ex)Drums : Justin DiPinto
(Ex)Drums : Derek Roddy
(Ex)Drums : Lee Harrison
(Ex)Drums : Alex Marquez
(Ex)Drums : Mark Simpson
(Ex)Drums : Tony Laureano
(Ex)Drums : Gus Rios
(Ex)Drums : Dave Kinkade
(Ex)Drums : Ariel Alvarado

Albumok :

Demo I (1989)
Malevolent Creation - Demo I1.Injected Sufferage 
2.Epileptic Seizure 
3.Violent Offspring 
Demo 1990 (1990)
Malevolent Creation - Demo 19901.Remnants Of Withered Decay 
2.Decadence Within 
3.Impaled Existence 
The Ten Commandments (1991)
Malevolent Creation - The Ten Commandments1.Memorial Arrangements 
2.Premature Burial 
3.Remnants Of Withered Decay 
4.Multiple Stab Wounds 
5.Impaled Existence 
6.Thou Shall kill! 
7.Sacrifical Annihilation 
8.Decadence Within 
9.Injected Sufferage 
10.Malevolent Creation 
Retribution (1992)
Malevolent Creation - Retribution1.Eve Of The Apocalypse 
2.Systematic Execution 
3.Slaughter Of Innocence 
4.Coronation Of Our Domain 
5.No Flesh Shall Be Spared 
6.The Coldest Survive 
Stillborn (1993)
Malevolent Creation - Stillborn1.Dominated Resurgency 
2.The Way Of All Flesh 
3.Dominion Of Terror 
4.Geared For Gain 
6.Ordain The Hierarchy 
7.Carnivorous Misgivings 
8.Genetic Affliction 
9.Ethnic Cleansing 
10.Disciple Of Abhorrence 
Live Death(Split With:Suffocation,Exhorder,Cancer) (1994)
Malevolent Creation - Live Death(Split With:Suffocation,Exhorder,Cancer)1.Premature Burial 
2.Slaughter Of Innocence 
3.Decadence Within 
Joe Black (1996)
Malevolent Creation - Joe Black1.Joe Black 
2.Self-Important Freak 
3.Sadistic Perversity 
4.No Salvation(Remix) 
5.To Kill(Remix) 
6.Tasteful Agony(Remix) 
7.Genetic Affliction 
8.Raining Blood(Slayer Cover) 
9.Remnants Of Withered Decay 
10.Impaled Existence 
Eternal (1996)
Malevolent Creation - Eternal1.No Salvation 
2.Blood Brothers 
3.Infernal Desire 
4.Living In Fear 
7.Alliance Or War 
8.They Breed 
9.To Kill 
10.Hideous Reprisal 
12.Tasteful Agony 
In Cold Blood (1997)
Malevolent Creation - In Cold Blood1.Nocturnal Overlord 
4.Narcotic Genocide 
7.In Cold Blood 
8.Visions Of Malice 
10.Preyed Upon 
The Fine Art Of Murder (1998)
Malevolent Creation - The Fine Art Of Murder1.To Die Is At Hand 
2.Manic Demise 
3.Instinct Evolved 
4.Dissect The Eradicated 
5.Mass Graves 
6.The Fine Art Of Murder 
7.Bone Exposed 
10.Rictus Surreal 
12.Day Of Lamentation 
13.Scattered Flesh 
Envenomed (2000)
Malevolent Creation - Envenomed1.Homicidal Rant 
2.Night Of The Long Knives 
3.Kill Zone 
5.Serial Dementia 
6.Bloodline Severed 
7.Pursuit Revised 
9.Viral Release 
10.The Deviant`s March 
Manifestation(Best Of) (2000)
Malevolent Creation - Manifestation(Best Of)1.In Cold Blood 
3.Nocturnal Overlord 
4.The Fine Art Of Murder 
6.Blood Brothers 
7.Impaled Existence 
8.Living In Fear 
9.Manic Demise 
10.To Die Is At Hand 
11.Infernal Desire 
12.Bone Exposed 
13.Alliance Or War 
14.Mass Graves 
15.Joe Black 
16.Self-Important Freak 
17.Multiple Stab Wounds(Live) 
18.Eve Of The Apocalypse(Live) 
19.Slaughter Of Innocence(Live) 
The Will To Kill (2002)
Malevolent Creation - The Will To Kill1.The Will To Kill 
2.Pillage And Burn 
3.All That Remains 
4.With Murderous Precision 
6.Assassin Squad 
7.Rebirth Of Terror 
8.Superior Firepower 
9.Divide And Conquer 
10.The Cardinal`s Law 
11.Burnt Beyond Recognition 
The Best Of Malevolent Creation (2003)
Malevolent Creation - The Best Of Malevolent Creation1.Eve Of The Apocalypse 
2.Sacrifical Annihilation 
4.Dominated Resurgency 
5.Multiple Stab Wounds 
6.Genetic Afflictions(Demo Version) 
7.Geared For Gain 
8.Slaughter Of Innocence 
9.Premature Burial 
10.Decadence Within 
11.The Way Of All Flesh 
13.Carnivorous Misgivings 
14.Remnants Of Withered Decay 
15.The Coldest Survive 
16.Thou Shall kill! 
18.Piece By Piece(Slayer Cover) 
Warkult (2004)
Malevolent Creation - Warkult1.Primitive Strike 
2.Supremacy Through Annihilation 
3.Murder Reigns 
6.Section 8 
7.On Grounds Of Battle 
8.Tyranic Opression 
9.Ravaged By Conflict 
10.Shock And Awe 
11.Jack The Ripper(Hobbs`Angel Of Death Cover) 
Conquering South America(Live) (2004)
Malevolent Creation - Conquering South America(Live)1.Eve Of The Apocalypse 
2.Multiple Stab Wounds 
3.Manic Demise 
4.Blood Brothers 
5.Kill Zone 
6.Rebirth Of Terror 
7.Slaughter Of Innocence 
8.To Die Is At Hand 
9.Coronation Of Our Domain 
11.All That Remains 
12.Alliance Or War 
13.Infernal Desire 
14.Living In Fear 
15.Malevolent Creation 
Retrospective(Best Of) (2005)
Malevolent Creation - Retrospective(Best Of)1.Blood Brothers 
2.Living In Fear 
3.Alliance Or War 
4.In Cold Blood 
5.Visions Of Malice 
6.Preyed Upon 
7.To Die Is At Hand 
8.Manic Demise 
9.Homicidal Rant 
10.Kill Zone 
12.Confirmed Kill 
13.The Will To Kill 
14.All That Remains 
15.Rebirth Of Terror 
16.Divide And Conquer 
Doomsday X (2007)
Malevolent Creation - Doomsday X1.Cauterized 
2.Culture Of Doubt 
3.Deliver My Enemy 
5.Buired In A Nameless Grave 
6.Dawn Of Defeat 
7.Prelude To Doomsday 
8.Upon Their Cross 
9.Strenght In Numbers 
11.Unleash Hell 
Live At The Whisky A Go Go(Live) (2008)
Malevolent Creation - Live At The Whisky A Go Go(Live)1.Impaled Existence 
2.Manic Demise 
3.Slaughter Of Innocence 
4.Blood Brothers 
5.To Die Is At Hand 
6.Mass Graves 
7.The Fine Art Of Murder 
9.Eve Of The Apocalypse 
10.Infernal Desire 
11.Multiple Stab Wounds 
12.Coronation Of Our Domain/Monster 
Invidious Dominion (2010)
Malevolent Creation - Invidious Dominion1.United Hate 
2.Conflict Finalized 
4.Compulsive Face Breaker 
5.Lead Spitter 
6.Target Rich Envrionment 
8.Born Again Hard 
10.Invidious Dominion 

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