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The Season of Evil(demo) (2003)
Man must die - The Season of Evil(demo)1.Eradicate (The Weak) 
2.Kingdoms Shall Fall 
3.Severe Facial Reconstruction 
4.War On Creation 
...Start Killing (2004)
Man must die - ...Start Killing1.A Lesson Once Learned 
2.Indulge In Genocide 
3.Severe Facial Reconstruction 
4.All Shall Perish 
5.War On Creation 
6.Eradicate the Weak 
8.Kingdoms Shall Fall 
9.Faint Figure In Black 
The Human Condition (2007)
Man must die - The Human Condition1.Intro 
2.Silent Observer 
3.March of the Clones 
5.1000 Promises of Pain 
6.Cardboard Gangster 
7.Past the Point 
8.You Stand Alone 
10.Organized Insanity 
11.Suicide Gene 
No Tolerance for Imperfection (2009)
Man must die - No Tolerance for Imperfection1.No Tolerance For Imperfection 
3.Kill It Skin It Wear It 
4.It Comes In Threes 
5.This Day Is Black 
6.Hide The Knives 
7.Dead In The Water 
8.What I Can`t Take Back 
9.Reflections From Within 
10.How The Mighty Have Fallen 
11.Survival Of The Sickest 
Peace Was Never an Option (2013)
Man must die - Peace Was Never an Option1.Congregation 
2.Hiding in Plain Sight 
4.The Hell I Fear 
7.Absence Makes the Hate Grow Stronger 
8.The Price You Pay 
9.Antisocial Network 
10.Abuser Friendly 
11.On the Verge of Collapse 
12.The Day I Died 

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Nitroglicerin, GrImM ReApEr, Metaller_Girl, Athelgard, doomicus, Szilaj, Strahalov, Mortician, PeterSteel, jacksonrr

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