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Michale Graves Ének, Gitár, Basszusgitár : Michale Graves (Misfits 1997-2001, Graves 2001, Gotham Rd. 2003, Roadrunner Records 2005, Michale Graves 2005-)

Albumok :

American Psycho (1997)
Michale Graves - American Psycho1.Abominable Dr. Phibes 
2.American Psycho 
3.Speak of the Devil 
4.Walk Among Us 
5.The Hunger 
6.From Hell They Came 
7.Dig Up Her Bones 
10.This Island Earth 
11.Crimson Ghost 
12.Day of the Dead 
13.The Haunting 
14.Mars Attacks 
15.Hate the Living, Love the Dead 
17.Don`t Open `Til Doomsday 
18.Hell Night (hidden track) 
19.Dead Kings Rise (exclusive LP bonus track) 
"Dig Up Her Bones" (1997)
Michale Graves - "Dig Up Her Bones"1.Dig Up Her Bones 
Evillive II (1998)
Michale Graves - Evillive II1.Intro & Abominable Dr. Phibes 
2.American Psycho 
3.Walk Among Us 
5.From Hell They Came 
6.Speak Of The Devil 
7.Last Caress 
8.Dig Up Her Bones 
9.American Nightmare 
10.Day Of The Dead 
11.Hate The Living, Love The Dead 
13.Don`t Open `Til Doomsday 
14.This Island Earth 
15.Where Eagles Dare 
19.Die, Die My Darling 
Famous Monsters (1999)
Michale Graves - Famous Monsters1.Kong at the Gates 
2.The Forbidden Zone 
3.Lost in Space 
4.Dust to Dust 
5.Crawling Eye 
6.Witch Hunt 
8.Saturday Night 
9.Pumpkin Head 
10.Scarecrow Man 
11.Die Monster Die 
12.Living Hell 
13.Descending Angel 
15.Fiend Club 
16.Hunting Humans 
18.Kong Unleashed 
19.Devil Doll (exclusive UK/Japan bonus track) 
20.1,000,000 Years B.C. (exclusive UK bonus track) 
21.Helena 2 (exclusive UK bonus track) 
Monster Mash (1999)
Michale Graves - Monster Mash1.Monster Mash 
Cuts From The Crypt (2001)
Michale Graves - Cuts From The Crypt1.Dead Kings Rise (demo version) 
2.Blacklight (demo version) 
3.The Haunting (demo version) 
4.The Hunger (demo version) 
5.Mars Attacks (demo version) 
6.Dr. Phibes Rises Again (demo version) 
7.I Got a Right 
8.Monster Mash 
9.I Wanna be a NY Ranger 
10.Scream (demo version) 
11.1,000,000 Years B.C. 
12.Helena 2 
13.Devil Doll 
14.Fiend Without a Face 
16.No More Moments 
17.Rise Above (live) 
Web of Dharma (2001)
Michale Graves - Web of Dharma1.One Million Light Years From Her (AKA `Sucking Son`) 
2.So Don`t You Know 
4.Tell Me 
6.Attack Of The Butterflies 
9.Iridescent White Light 
Seasons of the Witch (2003)
Michale Graves - Seasons of the Witch1.Seasons of the Witch 
2.Sidewalk Ends 
3.Melts Away 
4.Say Something 
5.Creo Burn 
6.Bits of Skin 
7.You Awful Me 
8.Attack of the Butterflies 
9.On My Way 
11.All the Cars 
12.Bits of Skin (demo) 
13.Say Something (demo) 
14.Creo Burn (demo) 
15.Seasons of the Witch (demo) 
Released (2005)
Michale Graves - Released1.I Don`t Wanna Be (A Superhero) (track 15) 
Punk Rock Is Dead (2005)
Michale Graves - Punk Rock Is Dead1.Beware 
2.Teenage Monster 
3.Earth V.S. Spider 
6.Storybook About Rhyme 
8.Queen Taste 
9.Radio Deadly 
10.Punk Rock Is Dead 
11.Dawn Of The Dead 
12.Butcher Shop (Import Only) 
Return to Earth (2006)
Michale Graves - Return to Earth1.Monster 
2.We Wait 
3.One Moment Away 
4.Fountains Of Heroine 
5.Creepy Crawly 
6.Dead Beat 
7.Nobody Thinks About Me 
8.The House 
9.Return To Earth 
Demos and Live Cuts Vol. I (2007)
Michale Graves - Demos and Live Cuts Vol. I1.Almost Home (Octopus Studio Demo - Melancholy Mix) 
2.Creepy Crawly (Octopod Studio Demo - Mopes Mix) 
3.Dead Beat (Octopod Studio Demo - Psycho Mix) 
4.Lucifer, I Am (Demo) 
5.Frostbite (Demo) 
6.I Like To Watch Them 
7.Shoelace (Original Demo) 
8.Dig Up Her Bones / Crying On Saturday Night (Live CBGB `06) 
9.Almost Home (Live Acoustic CBGB `06) 
10.Blackbird (Original Demo) 
11.Thousand Cracks Of Daylight 
12.The Blackness and the Forest 
Demos and Live Cuts Vol. II (2007)
Michale Graves - Demos and Live Cuts Vol. II1.Walk Me Thru the Graveyard 
3.Butchershop ("Bay Ave" Demo) 
4.One Moment Away (Original Demo) 
5.Return To Earth (Original Demo) 
6.Air Superiority (Demo) 
7.Monster (Original Demo) 
8.Nobody Thinks About Me (Original Demo) 
9.House (Original Demo) 
10.Whitelight Toronto Sessions `99 
11.All the Cars Behind Me (Original Demo) 
12.Sometimes the Buildings Cry (Original Demo) 

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