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Misericordiam Drums : Matthew Mancuso
Bass : Nina Elston
Guitar : David LaPreta
Guitar : Kody O'Donnell
Vocal : Nick Pitaro

Albumok :

Ten Days in Catalina EP (2005)
Misericordiam - Ten Days in Catalina EP1.Alrigut Col (Intro) 
2.A Day In The Life Of A Decomposed Body 
3.Stab Wound In Your Scabbed Womb 
4.Di Matteo (My Brother Likes Me To Live In The Arctic) 
5.Ten Days In Catalina 
A Thin Line Between Man and Machine (2006)
Misericordiam - A Thin Line Between Man and Machine1.Social Jihad And Genocide. The Only Certainty In An Uncertain World With No Promise Of Tomorrow 
2.Cum Sucking Whore. Cold Stone Wins 
3.Indie Girl. Admiration For The Girl Without A Face 
4.Obsessive Compulsive. The Act Of Fornication Compulsive 
5.Hefty Bag Disposal. The Promise Ring 
6.Sha Sha In Her Boomboxx. Mhmm Tastes Like Pussy 
7.The Kay Razzle Extravaganza Presents...The Fingerbang Legshake 
Unanimity and the Cessation of Hostility EP (2007)
Misericordiam - Unanimity and the Cessation of Hostility EP1.The Need Not Needless 
5.Primitive Thinking For Alternative Thinking 
6.Double Penetrated Debate 

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