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Moonblood vocal : Gaamalzagoth
all instrument : Occulta Mors

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Moonblood (1994)
Moonblood - Moonblood1.Hope 
2.In the Forest of Red Water 
3.Graves From the Stone Under Cemeterymoon 
5.In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon 
6.Eternal Satanic Winter 
7.Songs of Fullmoon 
8.Signs of Evil 
10.In the Forest 
Rehearsal 1 - My Evil Soul (1994)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 1 - My Evil Soul1.When the Werewolf Howls 
2.My Evil Soul 
3.The Awakening of the Serpent 
4.Under the White Cold Snow 
5.Through the Woods of Forgotten Delight 
6....and the Snow Covered Lifeless Bodies 
7.A Warrior Has Gone 
Rehearsal 2 - The Evil Rules (1994)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 2 - The Evil Rules1.Intro 
2.The Evil Rules 
3.And Then I Died 
4.Infernal Screams in a Dark Night 
5.Damned Christians 
6.The Black War 
7.Triangle of Infernal Power 
Nosferatu (1994)
Moonblood - Nosferatu1.Intro / Nosferatu 
2.Listen to Nana 
3.In the Moonshine 
4.Burn Down the Heavenly Garden 
5.Only a Dream of Dark Kingdom 
6.A Journey through the Darkness of Night 
Rehearsal 3 - Frozen Tears of a Vampire (1995)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 3 - Frozen Tears of a Vampire 1.Blut & Krieg 
2.A Soul of Shining Steel 
3.Frozen Tears of a Vampire 
4.Moonstruck (Moonblood, Part 2) 
5.The Message of Evil 
7.Lightnings Over the Burning Church 
8.The Black Emperor 
The Winter Falls Over the Land (1995)
Moonblood - The Winter Falls Over the Land 1.Intro 
2.Nightly Mass 
3.The Gates of Eternity 
4.A Land Where the Sky Is Black 
5.In the Shadow of Inverted Crucifix 
6.The Winter Falls Over the Land 
Rehearsal 4 (1995)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 4 1.The Raven 
2.Hordes of Hate 
3.The God of Lies 
4.Cold and Blood Red 
5.The Eyes of the Forest 
6.Fur den Sieg 
7.I Am All 
8.Kingdom Of Forgotten Dreams 
Rehearsal 5 - Under the Cold Moon (1995)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 5 - Under the Cold Moon1.Under the Cold Fullmoon 
2.A Hiker in the Darkness 
3.Blood on the Moon 
4.A Good Day to Die 
5.On Cold Wings 
6.Raise the Dead (Bathory cover) 
8.Sin Is Here 
Siegfried (Die Sage vom Helden) (1995)
Moonblood - Siegfried (Die Sage vom Helden) 1.In der Schmiede 
2.Der Kampf mit dem Lindwurm 
3.Der Nibelungenhort 
4.Brunhilds Eroberung 
5.Der Verrat 
Rehearsal 6 (1996)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 6 1.Once There Was Darkness 
2.Night of Crimson Fire Storms 
3.Enter the Eternal Fire (Bathory cover) 
4.Warriors of Metal 
5.Under the Banner of Hate 
7.The Hordes From the North Side 
Rehearsal 7 (1996)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 7 1.Under the Cold Snow 
2.The Black War 
3.Only a Dream 
4.In the Forest of a Red Water 
5.Glorious Days Are Not Forgotten 
6.The Awakening of the Serpent 
7.Damned Christians 
8.Geschmiedet im Feuer des eisernen Willens 
9.The Immortality of My Dreams & Visions 
10.Fullmoon Witchery 
11.A Fortress of Your Dreams 
Blut und Krieg (1996)
Moonblood - Blut und Krieg1.Intro: Midnight 
2.In A Bloody Night Of Fullmoon 
4.... And Snow Covered The Lifeless Bodies 
5.My Evil Soul 
6.Blut Und Krieg 
7.Kingdom Of Forgotten Dreams 
8.Under The Cold Fullmoon 
9.I Am All 
10.The Infernal Master Returns: Outro 
Rehearsal 8 - Conquering The Ravenland (1996)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 8 - Conquering The Ravenland1.Born to Live in the Shadow of Damnation 
2.Conquering the Ravenland 
3.Claws of Fog 
4.Under a Malicious Shade 
5.Forgotten Pride of My Ancestors Cult 
6.Blood, Fire, Death (Bathory cover) 
7.A Forgotten Vision of War 
8.Show Me Your Wrath 
9.First Snow - First Blood 
10.Bells of Apocalypse 
11.I Hail the Night 
Moonblood / Nema (1996)
Moonblood - Moonblood / Nema1.Moonblood - Moonstruck 
2.Nema - Nocturnal Silence in the Forest 
Rehearsal 9 - Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust (1996)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 9 - Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust 1.Remains of Painful Memories 
2.Under the Wings of a Wind Diabolic 
3.Under the Abyssic Black Wings of the Third Angel 
4.Night of the Incubus 
5.Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust 
6.Into the Castle on the Blood-Rocks 
7.The Curse of the Warlord 
8.Forgotten Spells in the Forest`s Nocturnal 
9.Thor (The Powerhead) (Manowar cover) 
10.To Kiss the Timeless Eternity 
11.Looking in the Eyes Infernal 
12.Supreme Black Forces of Steel 
Rehearsal 10 (1997)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 101.Dwelling in Darkness 
2.Angelwings in the Darkness 
3.Abyssic Cult of Blood 
4.Nebolous Spirits Between the Mournful Trees 
5.Icey Winterspell 
6.Keeper at the Portal of Blood 
7.Wizard of Uncreation 
8.Symphony of an Age Forgotten 
9.Medieval Storm of Screaming Souls 
10.A Silent Dream of Impurity 
12.Tyrant in an Age of Christworship 
Rehearsal 11 - Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Moon (1997)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 11 - Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Be Immortal 
2.Don`t Fear the Dark 
3.Path to Thy Funeral Light, Part 1 
4.Path to Thy Funeral Light, Part 2 
5.Entering the New Kingdom 
6.Procreated Through the Sperm of Astaroth 
7.The Templation of the Night Empress 
8.Then Came the Silence 
9.Cathedral of Restless Souls 
10.Nocturnal Shades in the Moonlight 
11.A Shadow Is Born in Hell 
12.Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Moon 
Asakku / Moonblood (1998)
Moonblood - Asakku / Moonblood1.Asakku - Endless Woods 
2.Moonblood - Hordes of Hate 
Rehearsal 12 (1998)
Moonblood - Rehearsal 121.Endless Chaos 
2.Domain of Hell 
3.Witchfinder General (Witchfinder General cover) 
4.A Walk in the Woods 
5.The Quest After the Doctrines of Might & Wisdom 
6.Medieval Tunes 
7.Into Frozen Forests 
8.In the Moors 
9.These Graves & Wooden Coffins Are My Realm 
10.When the Moonlight Takes the Sky 
11.Burning in Hell 
13.As a Soul in the Blazing Banner of Darkness 

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