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Necro egy Brooklyn.i rapper.Stilusa Death Rap,Hardcore Hip Hop.Creepy Crawl dalát A Bionic Hammer nevü Death metal banda dolgozta fel 2011 augusztusában.Érdekes kollaborációra számíthatunk 2012-ben. A kőkemény horror-rapper, Necro egyesíti erőit a new yorki mafioso-rap egyik legnagyobb alakjával, Kool G Rappel. A páros albumán egy az egyben Necro látja el a produceri teendőket. A "The Godfathers" címre keresztelt cd-t jövőre vehetik kézbe a rajongók.

Albumok :

Cockroaches (1998)
2."Cockroaches" (Insert-Da-Mental) 
3.I`m Sick of You 
4.I`m Sick of You" (Insert-Da-Mental) 
5.Burn the Groove to Death 
6.Fuck You to the Track 
I Need Drugs (2000)
Necro - I Need Drugs1.The Most Sadistic 
2.Hoe Blow 
3.I Need Drugs 
4.Your Fuckin` Head Split 
5.You`re Dead 
6.Get on Your Knees 
7.Rugged Shit 
8.I`m Sick of You 
10.Fuck You to the Track 
11.Burn the Groove to Death 
14.WKCR 89.9 Freestyle 4/20/2000 
15.WNYU 89.1 X-Mas Freestyle 12/23/99 
16.WNYU 89.1 Freestyle 5/10/2000 
Gory Days (2001)
Necro - Gory Days1.Bury You with Satan 
2.World Gone Mad 
3.Light My Fire 
4.Circle of Tyrants 
5.Dead Body Disposal 
6.You`re All Dying 
7.All Hotties Eat the Jizz 
9.12 King Pimp Commandments 
10.Gory Days 
11.Poetry in the Streets 
12.Don`t Try To Ruin It 
13.One Way or Another 
15.24 Shots 
16.Violins of Violence 
The Pre-Fix for Death (2004)
Necro - The Pre-Fix for Death1.Intro 
2.Beautiful Music for You to Die to 
3.The Dispensation of Life and Death 
4.Kill That Shit 
6.The Pre-Fix for Death 
7.Push it to the Limit 
8.Reflection of Children Coming Up in the Grave 
12.86 Measures of Game 
14.Kid Joe 
15.Human Consumption 
16.Evil Shit 
17.You Did it 
19.Death Rap 
20.Watch Your Back 
21.Food for Thought 
22.Important Statistics 
23.Senseless Violence 
24.Push it to the Limit 
The Sexorcist (2005)
Necro - The Sexorcist1.Who`s Ya Daddy? 
2.Pussy Is My Weakness 
4.Edge Play 
6.Ron Jeremy 
7.You Bitches Love to Get Fucked in the Ass 
10.Out the Pocket 
11.Brittany Andrews 
12.She`s Got a Great Ass! 
13.I Wanna Fuck 
14.Van Styles 
15.We Fuck Virgins 
16.Horny Honeys 
17.Ron Jeremy vs. Jerry Butler 
18.I Remain Stiff 
19.The Sexpert 
20.I Degrade You 
21.Vaginal Secretions 
22.Ron & Jerry 
Death Rap (2007)
Necro - Death Rap1.Creepy Crawl 
2.No Remorse 
3.Some Get Back (Revenge) 
4.Belligerent Gangsters 
5.Suffocated to Death by God`s Shadow 
6.Mutilate the Beat 
7.Keep on Driving 
8.Technician of Execution 
9.Keeping it Real 
11.As Deadly as Can Be 
12.Evil Rules 
13.Forensic Pathology 
14.Portrait of a Death Rapper 
15.Suffocated to Death by God`s Shadow 
Die! (2010)
Necro - Die!1.1.asBESTos 
3.3.Thugcore Cowboy 
5.5.Set It 
7.6.Serpent`s Bite 
8.8.The Kink Panther 
9.9.Hey Now 
10.10.The Asshole Anthem 
11.11.Sorcerer of Death`s Construction 
12.12.First Blood 
13.13.Thin Line Between Love & Hate 
15.15.Viva Necro 
17.17.The Human Traffic King (White Slavery Pt. 2) 

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