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Rainbow ének : Dougie White
gitár : Ritchie Blackmore
basszusgitár : Greg Smith
billentyűk : Paul Morris
dob : John O. Reilly
(ex)ének : Ronnie James Dio /1975-1978/
(ex)ének : Graham Bonnet /1979-1980/
(ex)ének : Joe Lynn Turner /1980-1984/
(ex)basszusgitár : Craig Gruber /1975/
(ex)basszusgitár : Jimmy Bain /1975-1977/
(ex)basszusgitár : Mark Clarke /1977/
(ex)basszusgitár : Bob Daisley /1977-1978/
(ex)basszusgitár : Roger Glover /1978-1984/
(ex)dob : Gary Driscoll /1975/ R.I.P. 1987
(ex)dob : Cozy Powell /1975-1980/ R.I.P. 1998
(ex)dob : Bobby Rondinelli /1980-1983/
(ex)dob : Chuck Bürgi /1983-1984/
(ex)billentyűk : Mickey Lee Soule /1975/
(ex)billentyűk : Tony Carey /1975-1977/
(ex)billentyűk : David Stone /1977-1978/
(ex)billentyűk : Don Airey /1978-1981/
(ex)billentyűk : David Rosenthal /1981-1986/
vokál : Candice Night (Blackmore´s Night)

"We believed we'd catch the rainbow

Ride the wind to the sun

Sail away on ships of wonder

But life's not a wheel

With chains made of steel

So bless me come the dawn

Come the dawn..."


Albumok :

Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow (1975)
Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow1.Man On The Silver Mountain 
2.Self Portrait 
3.Black Sheep Of The Family (Quatermass cover) 
4.Catch The Rainbow [tab]
5.Snake Charmer 
6.Temple Of The King [tab]
7.If You Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll 
8.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 
9.Still I'm Sad (Yardbirds cover) 
Rising (1976)
Rainbow - Rising1.Tarot Woman [tab]
2.Run With The Wolf 
3.Starstruck [tab]
4.Do You Close Your Eyes [tab]
5.Stargazer [tab]
6.A Light In The Black [tab]
On Stage /Live Album/ (1977)
Rainbow - On Stage /Live Album/1.Intro: Over the Rainbow/Kill the King 
2.Man on the Silver Mountain/Blues/Starstruck 
3.Catch the Rainbow 
5.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves [tab]
6.Still I'm Sad [tab]
Long Live Rock & Roll (1978)
Rainbow - Long Live Rock & Roll1.Long Live Rock & Roll [tab]
2.Lady Of The Lake 
3.L.A. Connection 
4.Gates Of Babylon 
5.Kill The King [tab]
6.The Shed (Subtle) 
7.Sensitive To Light 
8.Rainbow Eyes 
Down To Earth (1979)
Rainbow - Down To Earth1.All Night Long 
2.Eyes of the World 
3.No Time To Lose 
4.Makin' Love 
5.Since You Been Gone [tab]
6.Love's No Friend 
7.Danger Zone 
8.Lost In Hollywood 
The Best Of Rainbow /released in Japan/ (1980)
Rainbow - The Best Of Rainbow /released in Japan/1.All Night Long 
2.Man On The Silver Mountain 
3.Do You Close Your Eyes 
4.Lost In Hollywood 
5.Since You Been Gone 
7.Catch The Rainbow 
8.Kill The King 
9.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 
10.Still I'm Sad 
11.Long Live Rock'n'Roll 
12.Eyes Of The World 
14.A Light In The Black 
Difficult To Cure (1981)
Rainbow - Difficult To Cure1.I Surrender 
2.Spotlight Kid 
3.No Release 
5.Vielleicht Das Nächste Mal 
6.Can't Happen Here 
7.Freedom Fighter 
8.Midtown Tunnel Vision 
9.Difficult To Cure 
The Best Of Rainbow (1981)
Rainbow - The Best Of Rainbow1.All Night Long 
2.Man On The Silver Mountain 
3.Lost In Hollywood 
4.Jealous Lover 
5.Long Live Rock'n'Roll 
7.Kill The King 
8.A Light In The Black 
9.Since You Been Gone 
10.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 
11.Catch The Rainbow 
12.Eyes Of The World 
13.I Surrender 
14.Gates Of Babylon 
15.Can't Happen Here 
Straight Between The Eyes (1982)
Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes1.Death Alley Driver 
2.Stone Cold 
3.Bring On The Night (Dream Chaser) 
4.Tite Squeeze 
5.Tearin´ Out My Heart 
7.Miss Mistreated 
8.Rock Fever 
9.Eyes of Fire 
Bent Out Of Shape (1983)
Rainbow - Bent Out Of Shape1.Stranded 
2.Can't Let You Go [tab]
3.Fool For the Night 
4.Fire Dance 
5.Anybody There 
6.Desperate Heart 
7.Street of Dreams 
8.Drinking With the Devil 
10.Make Your Move 
The Final Cut /Video-VHS/ (1985)
Rainbow - The Final Cut /Video-VHS/1.Spotlight Kid 
2.Death Alley Driver 
3.I Surrender 
4.All Night Long 
5.Can't Happen Here 
6.Difficult To Cure 
7.Can't Let You Go 
9.Since You Been Gone 
10.Stone Cold 
11.Street Of Dreams 
Finyl Vinyl /Best Of-Compilation/ (1986)
Rainbow - Finyl Vinyl /Best Of-Compilation/1.Intro:Over The Rainbow / Spotlight Kid 
2.I Surrender 
3.Miss Mistreated 
4.Street Of Dreams 
5.Jealous Lover 
6.Can't Happen Here 
7.Tearing Out My Heart 
8.Since You Been Gone 
9.Bad Girl 
10.Difficult To Cure (instrumental) 
11.Stone Cold 
13.Man On The Silver Mountain 
14.Long Live Rock'n'Roll 
15.Weiss Heim (instrumental) 
Ансамбль Rainbow (Band Rainbow) /released only in the USSR/ (1989)
Rainbow - Ансамбль Rainbow (Band Rainbow) /released only in the USSR/1.Man On The Silver Mountain 
2.Still I'm Sad 
3.Long Live Rock & Roll 
4.All Night Long 
5.Stone Cold 
6.If You Don't Like Rock'n'Roll 
8.Freedom Fighter 
9.I Surrender 
Live In Europe (1990)
Rainbow - Live In Europe1.Kill The King 
3.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 
4.Catch The Rainbow 
5.Man On The Silver Mountain 
7.Still I'm Sad 
8.Do You Close Your Eyes 
Stranger In Us All (1995)
Rainbow - Stranger In Us All1.Wolf To The Moon 
2.Cold Hearted Woman 
3.Hunting Humans (Insatiable) 
4.Stand And Fight 
6.Too Late For Tears 
7.Black Masquerade [tab]
9.Hall Of The Mountain King 
10.Still I'm Sad 
The Very Best Of Rainbow (1997)
Rainbow - The Very Best Of Rainbow1.Man On The Silver Mountain 
2.Catch The Rainbow 
5.Kill The King 
6.Long Live Rock'n'Roll 
7.Gates Of Babylon 
8.Since You Been Gone 
9.All Night Long 
10.I Surrender 
11.Can't Happen Here 
12.Jealous Lover 
13.Stone Cold 
15.Can't Let You Go 
16.Street Of Dreams 
Live Between The Eyes /DVD/ (2000)
Rainbow - Live Between The Eyes /DVD/1.Overture: Over The Rainbow 
2.Spotlight Kid 
3.Miss Mistreated 
4.Can't Happen Here 
5.Tearin´ Out My Heart 
6.All Night Long 
7.Stone Cold 
9.Blues Interlude 
10.Beethoven´s Ninth: Ode To Joy 
11.Long Live Rock´n´Roll 
12.Smoke On The Water 
Millennium Collection: Rainbow /Best Of-Compilation/ (2000)
Rainbow - Millennium Collection: Rainbow /Best Of-Compilation/1.Man On The Silver Mountain 
2.Catch The Rainbow 
4.Mistreated (live) 
5.Kill The King 
6.Rainbow Eyes 
7.Since You Been Gone 
8.I Surrender 
9.Stone Cold 
11.Street Of Dreams 
Rainbow - Universal Masters Collection /Best Of/ (2001)
Rainbow - Rainbow - Universal Masters Collection /Best Of/1.All Night Long 
2.Catch The Rainbow 
3.Since You Been Gone 
4.I Surrender 
5.Stone Cold 
6.Kill The King 
9.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 
10.Man On The Silver Mountain 
11.Long Live Rock 'n' Roll 
12.Run With The Wolf 
13.Lost In Hollywood 
14.If You Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll 
15.Miss Mistreated 
16.Death Alley Driver 
Pot Of Gold /Best Of-Compilation/ (2002)
Rainbow - Pot Of Gold /Best Of-Compilation/1.Still I'm Sad 
3.Kill The King 
4.L.A. Connection 
5.Rainbow Eyes 
6.Since You Been Gone 
7.Makin' Love 
8.Danger Zone 
9.Vielleicht Das Nächste Mal (Maybe Next Time) 
10.Eyes Of Fire 
11.Stone Cold 
12.Fire Dance 
13.Fool For The Night 
All Night Long: An Introduction /Best Of-Compilation/ (2002)
Rainbow - All Night Long: An Introduction /Best Of-Compilation/1.Temple Of The King 
2.Tarot Woman 
4.Lady Of The Lake 
5.Eyes Of The World 
6.All Night Long (Live) 
7.Love's No Friend 
8.Spotlight Kid 
9.Stone Cold 
10.Fire Dance 
11.Weiss Heim 
Winning Combinations /with Deep Purple/ (2003)
Rainbow - Winning Combinations /with Deep Purple/1.Bad Attitude 
2.Hush (Live) 
3.Perfect Strangers 
4.Highway Star (Live) 
5.Mean Streak 
6.Rock Fever 
7.Since You Been Gone 
8.I Surrender (Live) 
9.Stone Cold 
10.Street Of Dreams 
Inside Rainbow 1975-1997 /DVD/ (2004)
Rainbow - Inside Rainbow 1975-1997 /DVD/1.Man On The Silver Mountain 
2.Catch The Rainbow 
3.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 
4.Still I'm Sad 
7.Catch The Rainbow 
9.Long Live Rock'n'Roll 
10.L.A. Connection 
11.Kill The King 
12.Gates Of Babylon 
13.Rainbow Eyes 
14.Eyes Of The World 
15.Catch The Rainbow 
16.All Night Long 
17.Since You Been Gone 
18.I Surrender 
19.Miss Mistreated 
20.Can't Let You Go 
21.Long Live Rock'n'Roll 
22.Street Of Dreams 
23.Stand And Fight 
24.Hunting Humans (Insatiable) 
25.Too Late For Tears 
27.Hall Of The Mountain King 
Live In Munich 1977 /DVD/ (2006)
Rainbow - Live In Munich 1977 /DVD/1.Introduction 
2.Kill The King 
4.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 
5.Catch The Rainbow 
6.Long Live Rock 'n' Roll 
7.Man On The Silver Mountain 
8.Still I'm Sad 
9.Do You Close Your Eyes 
10.Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (promo video) 
11.Gates Of Babylon (promo video) 
12.L.A. Connection (promo video) 
Live At Budokan Tokyo 1984 /DVD/ (2006)
 1.Spotlight Kid 
2.Miss Mistreated 
3.I Surrender 
4.Can't Happen Here 
5.Catch The Rainbow 
6.Power / Keyboard Solo 
7.Street Of Dreams 
8.Fool For The Night 
9.Difficult To Cure 
10.Guitar Improvisation 
11.Drum Solo / Blues 
13.Death Alley Driver 
14.Fire Dance 
15.Maybe Next Time 
16.All Night Long 
18.Since You Been Gone 
19.Smoke On The Water 

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