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Morituro (1997)
Rising Moon (Ita) - Morituro 1.Morituro 
2.No Mercy For The Christian 
3.Tedro Tedio 
4.Graveless Cemetery 
5.Body Ground By Religion 
Hate from Heaven (1998)
Rising Moon (Ita) - Hate from Heaven1.The last gate 
2.Clerical moon 
3.Celestial elegy 
4.Graveless cemetery 
5.Hate from heaven 
6.Tetro tedio (par. 2) 
7.Gothic cathedral 
8.Wake on the tombstone of love 
9.17th infernal flower 
Area 51 (2000)
Rising Moon (Ita) - Area 51 1.Can’t Die 
2.Thrist Of Hydrogen 
3.To Enervate 
4.Nature Killer 
5.Sikoyg – H 
6.Searching Hate 
7.Empty In My Eyes 
8.Forgotten Future 
9.Soulrust C-2010 
10.Area 51 
European Aliens(EP) (2001)
Rising Moon (Ita) - European Aliens(EP) 1.Brutal Katatonic(a) 
2.Roswell File 
3.Alien Coil 
5.Division Abductions 
Almost Insignificant (demo) (2002)
Rising Moon (Ita) - Almost Insignificant (demo)1.Reflex 
3.Swedish Metal 
Demo 2003 (2003)
Rising Moon (Ita) - Demo 2003 1.Death`s Colors 
2.They Are As Us 
3.Grind Out 
4.Almost Insignificant 
... For The Remained Time (2004)
Rising Moon (Ita) - ... For The Remained Time 1.Dialogue°99 
2.Human Destroy 
3.Paranoic Walk 
4.... For The Remained Time 
5.Deep Circle 
6.Mr. Design 
7.Something Is About To Happen 
10.Yellow Dissonance 
11.Alaska Experiment 
12.Hate From Heaven 
They Are As Us (2005)
Rising Moon (Ita) - They Are As Us 1.Cyborg 
3.Swedish Metal 
4.Escape & Operate 
5.They Are As Us 
6.Irrilevant Senses 
8.Almost Insignificant 
Promo 2007 (2007)
Rising Moon (Ita) - Promo 2007 1.Where the Light Becomes Darkness 
2.Everything Returns... 
3.Don`t Be Here 
The Truth We Never Knew (2009)
Rising Moon (Ita) - The Truth We Never Knew 1.The Second Brother`s Blood 
2.The Sky That Looks Us All 
3.The Abandoned Memory Of God 
4.The Arrival Between Us 
5.Where The Light Becomes Dark 
6.The Breath That We Haven`t Had 
7.The Sign Of The Illusory Change 
8.The Truth We Never Knew 
9.Nothing Will Ever Remain The Same 

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