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Spock`s Beard Ének,Dobok,Gitár,Bassgitár : Nick D'Virgilio
Gitár,Vokál : Alan Morse
Bassgitár,Basspedál,Szitár,Billentyűk,Vokál : Dave Meros
Billentyűk,Vokál : Ryo Okumoto
koncert dobos : Jimmy Keegan
ex(ének,billentyűk,gitár) : Neal Morse

2015-09-21 Budapest - A38 - A Livesounds bemutatja: The Oblivion Particle Tour Fellépők: Special Providence, Spock`s Beard, Synaesthesia Be: 6500Ft. Kezdés: 19:30 Flyer

Albumok :

The Light (1995)
Spock`s Beard - The Light1.The Light 
2.Go the Way You Go 
3.The Water 
4.On the Edge 
Beware of Darkness (1996)
Spock`s Beard - Beware of Darkness1.Beware of Darkness 
3.The Doorway 
5.Walking on the Wind 
6.Waste Away 
7.Time Has Come 
The Kindness of Strangers (1998)
Spock`s Beard - The Kindness of Strangers1.The Good Don`t Last 
2.In the Mouth of Madness 
3.Cakewalk on Easy Street 
5.Strange World 
6.Harm`s Way 
Day for Night (1999)
Spock`s Beard - Day for Night1.Day for Night 
4.The Distance to the Sun 
5.Crack the Big Sky 
6.The Gypsy 
7.Can`t Get it Wrong 
8.The Healing Colors of Sound Pt. 1 
9.My Shoes 
10.Mommy Comes Back 
11.Lay it Down 
12.The Healing Colors of Sound Pt. 2 
13.My Shoes (Revisited) 
V (2000)
Spock`s Beard - V1.At the End of the Day 
3.Thoughts pt.2 
4.All on a Sunday 
5.Goodbye to Yesterday 
6.The Great Nothing 
Snow (2002)
Spock`s Beard - Snow1.Made Alive / Overture 
2.Stranger in a Strange Land 
3.Long Time Suffering 
4.Welcome to NYC 
5.Love Beyond Words 
6.The 39th Street Blues (I`m Sick) 
7.Devil`s got My Throat 
8.Open Wide the Flood Gates 
9.Open the Gates pt. 2 
10.Solitary Soul 
11.Wind at My Back 
12.Second Overture 
13.4th of July 
14.I`m the Guy 
17.Looking for Answers 
18.Freak Boy 
19.All is Vanity 
20.I`m Dying 
21.Freak Boy pt. 2 
22.Devil`s got My Throat Reprise 
23.Snow`s Night Out 
24.Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto On The Keyboards 
25.I Will Go 
26.Made Alive / Wind at My Back 
Feel Euphoria (2003)
Spock`s Beard - Feel Euphoria1.Onomatopoeia 
2.The Bottom Line 
3.Feel Euphoria 
4.Shining Star 
5.East Of Eden, West Of Memphis 
6.Ghosts Of Autumn 
7.A Guy Named Sid - Intro 
8.A Guy Named Sid - Same Old Story 
9.A Guy Named Sid - You Don`t Know 
10.A Guy Named Sid - Judge 
11.A Guy Named Sid - Sid`s Boy Choir 
12.A Guy Named Sid - Change 
13.Carry On 
14.Moth of Many Flames (bonus) 
15.From the Messenger (bonus) 
Octane (2005)
Spock`s Beard - Octane1.A Ballet of the Impact 
2.I Wouldn`t Let It Go 
3.Surfing Down the Avalanche 
4.She is Everything 
5.Climbing Up that Hill 
6.Letting Go 
7.Of The Beauty Of It All 
9.There Was A Time 
10.The Planet`s Hum 
11.Watching The Tide 
12.As Long As We Ride 
Spock's Beard (2009)
Spock`s Beard - Spock1.On A Perfect Day 
2.Skeletons At The Feast 
3.Is This Love 
4.All That`s Left 
5.With Your Kiss 
6.Sometimes They Stay, Sometimes They Go 
7.The Slow Crash Landing Man 
8.Wherever You Stand 
10.As Far As The Mind Can See - Dreaming in the Age of Answers 
11.As Far As The Mind Can See - Here`s A Man 
12.As Far As The Mind Can See - They Know We Know 
13.As Far As The Mind Can See - Stream Of Unconsciousness 

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