Stryper Ének, Gitár, Zongora : Michael Harrison Sweet
Dob : Robert Sweet
Gitár : Oz Fox
Basszusgitár : Tracy Ferrie

Stryper - Honestly
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Stryper - Always There for You
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Stryper - First Love (Live)
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Albumok :

The Yellow and Black Attack! (1984)
Stryper - The Yellow and Black Attack!1.Loud `N` Clear 
2.From Wrong To Right 
3.You Know What To Do 
4.Co`mon Rock 
5.You Won`t Be Lonely 
6.Loving You 
Soldiers Under Command (1985)
Stryper - Soldiers Under Command1.Soldiers Under Command 
2.Makes Me Wanna Sing 
3.Together Forever 
4.First Love 
5.The Rock That Makes Me Roll 
6.Reach Out 
7.(Waiting For) A Love That`s Real 
8.Together As One 
10.Battle Hymn Of The Republic 
To Hell With the Devil (1986)
Stryper - To Hell With the Devil1.Abyss (To Hell With The Devil) 
2.To Hell With The Devil 
3.Calling On You 
6.The Way 
7.Sing-Along Song 
8.Holding On 
9.Rockin` The World 
10.All Of Me 
11.More Than A Man 
In God We Trust (1988)
Stryper - In God We Trust1.In God We Trust 
2.Always There For You 
3.Keep The Fire Burning 
4.I Believe In You 
5.The Writings On The Wall 
6.It`s Up 2 U 
7.The World Of You And I 
8.Come To The Everlife 
10.The Reign 
Against the Law (1990)
Stryper - Against the Law1.Against the Law 
2.Two Time Woman 
3.Rock the People 
4.Two Bodies (One Mind, One Soul) 
5.Not That Kind of Guy 
6.Shining Star (Earth, Wind & Fire cover) 
7.Ordinary Man 
9.Caught in the Middle 
10.All for One 
11.Rock the Hell Out of You 
Can't Stop the Rock (1991)
Stryper - Can1.Believe 
2.Can`t Stop the Rock 
3.Soldiers Under Command 
5.Always There for You 
7.To Hell With the Devil 
8.In God We Trust 
10.Two Bodies (One Mind, One Soul) 
11.Together As One 
12.You Know What to Do 
7: The Best of Stryper (2003)
Stryper - 7: The Best of Stryper1.Something 
2.For You 
3.Shining Star 
5.All for One 
6.In God We Trust 
7.Always There for You 
8.To Hell With the Devil 
9.Calling on You 
12.The Way 
13.Soldiers Under Command 
14.Makes Me Wanna Sing 
15.Reach Out 
16.From Wrong to Right 
17.Loving You 
7 Weeks: Live in America, 2003 (2004)
Stryper - 7 Weeks: Live in America, 20031.Sing Along Song 
2.Makes Me Wanna Sing 
3.Calling On You 
5.More Than A Man 
6.Caught In The Middle 
7.Reach Out 
8.Loud n` Clear 
9.The Way 
10.Soldiers Under Command 
11.To Hell With The Devil 
13.Winter Wonderland 
14.Closing Prayer 
Reborn (2005)
Stryper - Reborn1.Open Your Eyes 
3.When Did I See You Cry 
4.Make You Mine 
6.Live Again 
7.If I Die 
8.Wait For You 
10.10 000 Years 
Murder By Pride (2006)
Stryper - Murder By Pride 1.Eclipse Of The Son 
2.4 Leaf Clover 
3.Peace Of Mind 
5.The Plan 
6.Murder By Pride 
7.I Believe 
8.Run In You 
9.Love Is Why 
10.Mercy Over Blame 
12.My Love 

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