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Svenia Ének : Leonardo
Guitars & Keys : Dusk
Bass & Keys : Hicks
Drums : Lord of Illusion
Svenia is an Italian word almost forgotten nowadays: it means a simpering and wheedling behaviour, mawkishness, a kind of vampiric hypnosis that causes faint. SVENIAs music is catchy, melodic gothic metal, which builds glamorous contrasts between sweet and gloomy melodies and strong hard rock! The everlasting dilemmas of Love and Death and the struggle of men between those two poles of existence are what the lyrics are focused on, and will lead the listener in an introspective journey through the inner world of each human being.

The Svenia are a gothic-metal band and they formed at the end of 2001 after an idea of Leonardo (vocals) and Lord of illusion (drums), that have already played together in another band. They decided to form a band, whose music had to reach the perfect mix between a sweet melacholic melody and a carrying metal sound and whose lyrics were about the eternal dilemma of Love and Death.

Each song tells a different story to listen with ears and heart, and every line will be hard to forget. Delicate sounds, strong guitars, an enchanting voice and catchy choruses is what Black Heart is all about: after the huge success of their first self-produced demo CDs the long-awaited SVENIA debut album is now ready to hit the streets for the joy of all their fans!

Svenia - Death is waiting for your heartSvenia | Myspace Music Videos

Albumok :

Demo Live (2002)
Svenia - Demo Live1.In the Shadow of Death In the Shadow of Love 
2.The Soul Restless 
3.Celestial Crime 
4.Dark Secret 
Angelical Poison (2003)
Svenia - Angelical Poison1.Love Me To Death 
2.Last Prayer 
3.Last Prayer 
4.Death Is Waiting For Your Heart 
6.Infernal Forest 
Black Heart (2006)
Svenia - Black Heart1.Burial in Autumn 
2.My Nuptial Sepulchre 
3.In the Shadow of Death In the Shadow of Love 
4.Last Prayer 
5.Celestial Crime 
6.Love Me to Death 
7.Endless River of Cry 
9.Death is Waiting for Your Heart 
10.Infernal Forest 

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