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Tank Vokál, basszusgitár : Algy Ward

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Filth Hounds Of Hades (1982)
Tank - Filth Hounds Of Hades1.Shellshock 
2.Struck by Lightning 
3.Run Like Hell 
4.Blood, Guts and Beer 
5.That`s What Dreams Are Made Of 
6.Turn Your Head Around 
7.Heavy Artillery 
8.Who Needs Love Songs? 
9.Filth Hounds of Hades 
10.(He Fell in Love with a) Stormtrooper 
Power of the Hunter (1982)
Tank - Power of the Hunter 1.Walking Barefoot Over Glass 
2.Pure Hatred 
3.Biting And Scratching 
4.Some Came Running 
6.Used Leather (Hanging Loose) 
7.Crazy Horses (Osmonds cover) 
8.Set Your Back On Fire 
9.Red Skull Rock 
10.Power of the Hunter 
This Means War (1983)
Tank - This Means War 1.Just Like Something From Hell 
2.Hot Lead, Cold Steel 
3.This Means War 
4.Laughing In The Face Of Death 
5.(If We Go) We Go Down Fighting 
6.I (Won`t Ever Let You Down) 
7.Echoes of a Distant Battle 
Honour & Blood (1984)
Tank - Honour & Blood1.The War Drags Ever On 
2.When All Hell Freezes Over 
3.Honour And Blood 
4.Chain Of Fools (Aretha Franklin cover) 
6.Too Tired To Wait For Love 
Tank (1987)
Tank - Tank1.Reign Of Thunder 
2.March On, Sons Of Nippon 
3.With Your Life 
4.None But The Brave 
5.The Enemy Below 
7.(The Hell They Must) Suffer 
8.It Fell From The Sky 
Still At War (2002)
Tank - Still At War1.Still At War 
2.That Girl`s Name Is Death (T.G.N.I.D.) 
3.Light The Fire (Watch `em Burn) 
4.The World Awaits 
5.And Then We Heard the Thunder 
6.In the Last Hours Before Dawn 
7.Conspiracy Of Hate 
8.When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted 
9.Return Of The Filth Hounds 
10.The Blood`s Still On Their Hands 
11.The Fear Inside 
Breath Of The Pit (2013)
Tank - Breath Of The Pit1.Breath Of The Pit 
3.Kill Or Be Killed 
4.Healing The Wounds Of War 
5.Stalingrad (Time Is Blood) 
7.Crawl Back Into Your Hole 
9.Conflict Primeval 
10.Circle Of Willis 

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