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"But maybe you touch one life and the world becomes a better place to be.

Maybe you give their dreams another day, another chance to be free."

Jen "Pyromantic" Jawidzik
Live keyboardist
and backing vocalist
Mike Perez
JoHanna Moresco
(Virgil Roger du Pont III)
Singer, sonwriter, founder and the leader of the band
Vocals, violin, keyboards, etc...
Jessica Lackey
Dancer, backing vocals
Jenne Vermes
Dancer, backing vocals
David Russell Wood

One of the most enduring acts of the entire Darkwave subculture is the Florida based group The Crüxshadows. Originally formed in 1992, The Crüxshadows have consistently delivered their positive message through the portal of synth pop hooks and dark electronics to a massive international fan base of followers. From their self-released debut, the 1993 album Night Crawls In, right through to the present, The Crüxshadows have formulated their success out of old fashioned hard work. They have logged an impressive one thousand plus performances in over thirty countries via their many marathon-like tours.

While the lineup has indeed changed over the years, one constant has remained the same; Rogue, the vocalist, leader and mastermind of The Crüxshadows has directed his troupe towards an unconventional and lofty goal. "I want to change the world with music, I want people to find hope within themselves. I want them to know that anything is possible if you believe and follow through. I think that music has the power to inspire and move people to do amazing things" he muses. He is not alone in his belief. Their fans seem to believe it too. The bands motto "live love be believe" is everywhere, and many of their supporters will tell you that the lyrics have changed their lives in some way. This isn't exactly typical for a band most often identified as gothic or dark-wave. The Crüxshadows are not concerned. "Goth isn't about being a stereotype" the front-man complains, "its about being who you want to be... about not running from yourself or your emotions." The charismatic singer/songwriter/producer understands an audience and tends to deliver his dramatic croon right in their laps. Nothing they do is exactly new, but how they do it is completely unique. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, the stage show is dynamic and entertaining, and the music is hooky and inspired by pop. But pop it is not. It is a hybrid music that exists in a place just left of everyday, and just right of never-ever.

...Night Crawls In

1. Bloodline
2. Sympathy for Tomorrow
3. Pornography
4. Last Breath
5. Leave Me Alone
6. Chains
7. Children in Black
8. Touch
9. Black Heart and a Hammer
10. I Shot Tomorrow
11. Siren Song
Telemetry of a Fallen Angel
Album (original release)(1995)

1. Descension
2. Monsters
3. Jackal Head
4. Prometheus
5. Clerestory
6. Walk Away
7. Miss Fortune Returns
8. My World
9. Fallen Angel
10. Hanged Man
11. Purgatory
12. Marilyn, My Bitterness
13. Daedelus Flight...Icarus Falls
14. Satellite

Until the Voices Fade
EP (1998)

1. Leave Me Alone (album version)
2. Here Comes the Rain Again
3. Marilyn, My Bitterness v2.0
4. Leave Me Alone (OB-1 Freak Mix)
5. The Dying Song (a footnote...)
The Mystery of the Whisper
Album (1999)

1. Isis & Osiris (Life/Death)
2. Cruelty
3. Leave Me Alone
4. Insomnia
5. Breathe
6. Regrets
7. Confusion
8. Sympathy (For Tomorrow)
9. Aten-Ra
10. Do You Believe...
11. Heaven's Gaze
12. Heart on My Sleeve
13. There Are Some Secrets...
14. Nothing
15. Even Angels Fall
16. Monument
17. Death/Reunite

Paradox Addendum
EP (2000)

1. Love/Tragedy
2. Cruelty (Cruel Night version)
3. Eurydice (don't follow)
4. Heaven's Gaze (Bitter Tears mix)
5. Ave Maria
6. Heaven's Gaze (OB-1 House Gazing)
7. Annabel Lee (spoken)
Echoes and Artifacts
Album (Intercontinental Drift)(2001)

1. Eurydice
2. Monsters v2.0
3. Marilyn, My Bitterness v2.0
4. Crop Circles
5. Ballrooms on Mars
6. The Dying Song
7. Leave Me Alone (Shaft 20/20 Mix)
8. Here Comes the Rain Again
9. Cruelty (Cruel Vocal)
10. Bloodline v2.0
11. Täuschung (Deception auf Deutsch)

Single (2001)

1. Tears
2. Tears (Apoptygma Berzerk remix)
3. Within
4. Tears (Robbie Tronco/Knobhead remix)
5. Jabberwocky
6. Tears (Fictional remix)
7. Heaven's Gaze (acoustic tears edit)
Album (2002)

1. Before the Fire
2. Return (Coming Home)
3. Binary
4. Seraphs
5. Spectators
6. Tears
7. Go Away
8. 4th Phase
9. Earthfall
10. Orphean Wing
11. Carnival
12. Resist/R
13. Roman
14. Spiral (Don't Fall)

Album (2003)

1. Into the Ether
2. Cassandra
3. Love and Hatred
4. Flame
5. The Sentiment Inside
6. Winter Born (This Sacrifice)
7. Untrue
8. A Stranger Moment
9. Waiting to Leave
10. East
11. Citadel
12. After All
Frozen Embers
Full Lenght EP(2003)

1. Winter Born (This Sacrifice) (album version)
2. Dance Floor Metaphor
3. Return (Coming Home) (Dreamside Remix Part I)
4. Return (Coming Home) (Dreamside Remix Part II)
5. Seraphs (Revox Lost Souls Mix)
6. Winter Born (This Sacrifice) (Club/Radio Edit)
7. Go Away (Future Bible Heroes Remix)
8. Sinking
9. Return (Coming Home) (Assemblage23 Remix)
10. Winter Born (This Sacrifice)" (Sacrificial Acoustic Version)
11. Return (Coming Home)" (Tenebrous Remix)
12. Return (Coming Home)" (DJ Ian Fford 555 Remix)
13. Deception" (Original English version)

Fortress in Flames
Remix Album (2004)

1. Dragonfly
2. Never Surrender (Clan of Xymox remix)
3. Winterborn (Subway to Sally mix)
4. Cassandra (Razed in Black remix)
5. Edge of the World
6. Love & Hatred (Neuroactive remix)
7. Citadel (Iris remix)
8. Flames (CXS Deconstructed Redux)
9. Untrue (Trevor Brown With CXS Revox remix)
10. Fortress (Eyes to Heaven)
11. Citadel" (Absurd Minds remix)
12. Love & Hatred" (Alice 2 remix)
13. Cassandra" (Ego Likeness remix)
14. Citadel" (In Strict Confidence remix)
DVD/CD Combo (2005)

DVD features

1. Live concert from WGT in Leipzig, Germany
2. Music videos for "Dragonfly",
"Edge of the World",
"Cruelty" and "Winterborn (This Sacrifice)
3. Featurettes
4. Bonus easter eggs

CD track listing

1. ForeverLast (single version)
2. Helen (No Troy Mix / Extended version)
3. ForeverLast (Mesh Remix)
4. Dragonfly (Conjure One Remix)
5. "ForeverLast" (Night Version)
6. "...Only Sleep"
7. "Dragonfly" (video/radio edit)
8. "Edge of the World" (Skinny Puppy remix)

5 track single(2006)

1. Sophia (album version)
2. Sophia (radio edit)
3. Titan
4. Sophia (Here I Am Club Mix)
5. Adrift
Album (2007)

1. Pygmalion's Dream
2. Windbringer
3. Sophia
4. Defender
5. Perfect
6. Elissa
7. Eye of the Storm
8. Ariadne
9. Sleepwalking
10. Solus
11. Dido's Reply
12. Memorare
13. Birthday
14. Kisses 3

5 track single(2007)

1. Birthday
2. Birthday (Radio edit)
3. The Eighth Square
4. Birthday (Through the Looking Glass club mix)
5. White Rabbit
5 track single (2008)

1. Immortal
2. Immortal (Radio edit)
3. Ariadne (Legendary Mix)
4. Immortal (Our Souls Enduring Club Mix)
5. Exile

5 track single (2009)

1. Quicksilver
2. Quicksilver (Radio Edit)
3. Avalanche
4. Quicksilver (Dancefloor Transformation)
5. Roland

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