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Rehearsal/Demo (1990)
Unanimated - Rehearsal/Demo 1.Unholy Funeral 
2.Ancient God of Evil 
Fire Storm (demo) (1991)
Unanimated - Fire Storm (demo)1.The Call 
2.Through the Gates 
3.The Blackness of the Fallen Star 
4.Storms From the Skies of Grief 
5.In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead 
In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead (1993)
Unanimated - In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead1.At Dawn/Whispering Shadows 
2.Blackness of the Fallen Star 
3.Fire Storm 
4.Storms From the Skies of Grief 
5.Through the Gates 
6.Wind of a Dismal Past 
7.Silence Ends 
8.Mournful Twilight 
9.In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead 
10.Cold Northern Breeze 
11.Buried Alive (Venom cover) 
Ancient God of Evil (1995)
Unanimated - Ancient God of Evil 1.Life Demise 
2.Eye of the Greyhound 
3.Oceans of Time 
5.The Depths of a Black Sea 
7.Dying Emotions Domain 
8.Die Alone 
In the Light of Darkness (2009)
Unanimated - In the Light of Darkness1.Ascend with the Stench of Death 
2.Retribution in Blood 
3.The Endless Beyond 
4.Diabolic Voices 
5.In the Light of Darkness 
6.The Unconquered One 
7.Enemy of the Sun 
8.Serpent`s Curse 
9.Death to Life 
10.Strategia Luciferi 
Annihilation (2018)
Unanimated - Annihilation1.Adversarial Fire 
2.From a Throne Below 
3.Of Fire and Obliteration 

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Paxton Vettel, Hellbull, Valaki a sok közül, Wulfe, GABO

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