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Woods of Desolation was formed by D. in New South Wales, Australia in 2005 as a means of much deeper personal expression/unburdening through music. Utilising the help of P. Knight on vocals (and occasionally bass) located in the UK, 2005- early 2007 saw the recording of 2 demos and 2 split releases released in very limited numbers via different underground labels. These early releases explored more the idea of raw improvisation and experimenting with various self-recording techniques to achieve the final result. Recorded in Winter 2007, and originally planned as a 3rd demo, 2008 saw the emergence of what would become the debut full-length “Toward The Depths”, released on CD, Vinyl and Tape in 2008/2009. This release was also the last of P. Knight’s contribution to Woods of Desolation. “Toward The Depths” was subsequently re-released in 2012 on Digi CD/LP in limited editions via Northern Silence Productions.Autumn-Winter 2008 saw the writing & recording of the “Sorh” EP (meaning Sorrow in Modern English) featuring Mitch/Desolate (Austere) on guest vocals. After some delay and problems, this was released worldwide in 2009 as a digi-sleeve MCD by the German based label Eisenwald limited to 1000 copies. A vinyl version was released in 2010 featuring a bonus exclusive vinyl only track.After the recording of Sorh, Woods of Desolation went on hold for some time as D. shifted focus onto finishing the Grey Waters EP release that had been planned since 2006.However, D. re-commenced work again and 2009 was spent writing for what would become the 2nd full-length album. Desolate could no longer participate further in Woods of Desolation due to other commitments, but was soon temporarily replaced by Tim/Sorrow ( Austere/Grey Waters) on vocals, with him also taking over the drumming position from D. With this line-up D. entered the studio in late February 2010 and recorded the 2nd full-length album, titled “Torn Beyond Reason”, released February 25th 2011 through Northern Silence Productions on CD/DIGI CD/LP.After a couple of years of slowly writing and developing material, March 2013 saw the beginning of recording for the 3rd full-length album entitled “As The Stars”. Alongside new session members (including Vlad of Drudkh/Old Silver Key on drums) the process wrapped up in October 2013. “As The Stars” was released digitally (via Bandcamp: http://woodsofdesolation.bandcamp.com/) and as limited edition digi CD in February 2014. LP editions to follow soon after.

Albumok :

Woods of Desolation (Demo) (2006)
Woods of Desolation - Woods of Desolation (Demo)1.Looking Towards the End 
2.Through the Entrance... 
5.Gateway to Darkness 
6.The Darkness of Desire 
8.For the Glory of Satan... 
9.An Audience with the Horned One 
10.Standing Before the Eldest of Trees 
11.None Shall Mourn the Passing 
...of an Undying Cold (Demo) (2007)
Woods of Desolation - ...of an Undying Cold (Demo)1.The Noose and the Shadows 
3.My Blood, My March 
5.Eyes of Stone 
6.The Sadness - The Wood 
Toward The Depths (2008)
Woods of Desolation - Toward The Depths1.Toward the Depths 
2.They Will Never Leave Their Tormentor 
3.When the Frost Comes Falling Down... 
4.Solitude (Part II) 
5.A Time of Eternal Darkness 
6.Woods of Desolation 
Vorkuta / Woods of Desolation (Split) (2008)
Woods of Desolation - Vorkuta / Woods of Desolation (Split)1.Vorkuta - Apocalypse 
2.Vorkuta - Without Life? 
3.Vorkuta - In the Labyrinths of Soul 
4.Vorkuta - Raped in the Labs of Soul 
5.Woods of Desolation - As I Take Away Their Eyes... 
6.Woods of Desolation - To Exist in the Void 
7.Woods of Desolation - Blood of Honour 
8.Woods of Desolation - Outro 
Woods of Desolation / Drohtnung (Split) (2008)
Woods of Desolation - Woods of Desolation / Drohtnung (Split)1.Woods of Desolation - Rotting 
2.Drohtnung - The Ghost of Harvest 
Sorh (EP) (2009)
Woods of Desolation - Sorh (EP)1.Intro 
2.The Leaden Sky Torn 
3.Enshrouded by Solitude 
4.Within the Crimson Tide 
Torn Beyond Reason (2011)
Woods of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason1.Torn Beyond Reason 
2.Darker Days 
3.An Unbroken Moment 
4.The Inevitable End 
The Darkest Days (Compilation) (2011)
Woods of Desolation - The Darkest Days (Compilation)1.Disc 1 - Rotting 
2.Disc 1 - As I Take Away Their Eyes... 
3.Disc 1 - To Exist in the Void 
4.Disc 1 - Blood of Honour 
5.Disc 1 - Outro 
6.Disc 1 - The Noose and the Shadows 
7.Disc 1 - One 
8.Disc 1 - My Blood, My March 
9.Disc 1 - Solitude 
10.Disc 1 - Eyes of Stone 
11.Disc 1 - The Sadness - The Wood 
12.Disc 1 - Outro 
13.Disc 2 - Pass the Kingdom... 
14.Disc 2 - Clouds Reach Out and Clench the Sun 
15.Disc 2 - Burning They Fell 
16.Disc 2 - Solitude (part III) 
17.Disc 2 - Remains... 
18.Disc 2 - Suicide 
19.Disc 2 - Gateway to Darkness 
20.Disc 2 - The Darkness of Desire 
21.Disc 2 - Shadows 
22.Disc 2 - For the Glory of Satan... 
23.Disc 2 - Standing Before the Eldest of Trees 
24.Disc 2 - None Shall Mourn the Passing 
As the Stars (2014)
Woods of Desolation - As the Stars1.Like Falling Leaves 
3.And If All the Stars Faded Away 
4.This Autumn Light 
6.Withering Field 
7.Ad Infinitum 
Unreleased Demo 2007 (Demo) (2014)
Woods of Desolation - Unreleased Demo 2007 (Demo)1.Instrumental 

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Frozen Heart - Akera
Frozen Heart - Akera
2013.11.19. 22:23:46
New album 2014.02.14
"It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you are not!"

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