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Through The Eyes Of The Dead Vocals : Danny Rodriguez
Guitar : Justin Longshore
Guitar : Hank
Bass : Jake Ososkie
Amerikában alakult 2003-ban Death metal,Deathcore Banda, Through The Eyes Of The Dead néven!

Albumok :

The Scars of Ages (EP) (2004)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - The Scars of Ages (EP)1.Beneath Dying Skies 
2.Autumn Tint of Gold 
3.Forever Ends Today 
4.Between the Gardens That Bathe in Blood 
5.To Take Comfort (In Yesterday`s Scars) 
The Annihilation of Expectation (2005)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - The Annihilation of Expectation1.Intro 
2.The Silent Life 
3.Mortification Under Scarlet Skies 
6.Abyssal Creation 
7.Reconstruction of the Female Anatomy 
8.Erratic Perception 
9.Truest Shade of Crimson 
Bloodlust (2005)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Bloodlust1.Intro 
2.Two Inches from a Main Artery 
3.When Everything Becomes Nothing 
4.Bringer of Truth 
5.Beneath Dying Skies 
6.The Black Death and Its Aftermath 
7.Truest Shade of Crimson 
8.With Eyes Ever Turned Inward 
9.Force Fed Trauma 
10.The Decaying Process 
Malice (2007)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Malice1.Failure in the Flesh 
2.The Undead Parade 
3.To Wage a War 
4.A Catastrophe of Epic Proportions 
5.As Good as Dead 
6.Welcome to the Wasteland [watch video]
8.To the Ruins 
9.Dead End Roads [watch video]
11.Pull the Trigger 
Skepsis (2010)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Skepsis1.Parasite Throne 
3.No Haven 
4.Perpetual Defilement 
5.Inherit Obscurity 
6.The Manifest 
7.Defaced Reality 
8.Siphonaptera from Within 

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