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2019-07-09 Budapest - Barba Negra Track - Richie Kotzen Fellépők: Richie Kotzen Be: 9900Ft. Kezdés: 20:00 Flyer
2009-02-18 Budapest - A38 - Richie Kotzen [Képtár]
Touted as one of the best guitar players in the world, Richie Kotzen also possesses a voice on par with some of the greatest rock/soul singers and is highly regarded as a gifted songwriter. Richie has had an incredible journey into the world of music.With guitar styles ranging from rock, blues, jazz and fusion to pop and soul, Kotzen has built a remarkably diverse 20 year career as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. During that span, he has not only built an incredibly successful solo career, but has also found himself writing, recording and playing live with a variety of different artists, ranging from Pop/Rock bands like Poison and Mr. Big to Jazz/Fusion groups like Vertu featuring Kotzen and Jazz legends Stanley Clarke and Lenny White. Working with these artists has provided Richie with a great deal of in-studio experience, as well as the opportunity to tour the world, introducing him to an international audience. In fact, his immense popularity overseas led Kotzen to one of his greatest honors - touring as the opening act on the Japanese leg of the Rolling Stones’ 2006 “A Bigger Bang Tour”.A prolific songwriter, Richie has written several songs that have gone on to become hit singles around the world. His song “Stand.” written while a member of Poison, reached the top 20 on the Billboard charts. As the lead single off of their album NATIVE TONGUE, “Stand” was the catalyst for the album reaching platinum status. While with Mr. Big, Richie also enjoyed another milestone, having his song “Shine” reach #1 in both Europe and Japan.Richie has just released his 20th solo album, entitled PEACE SIGN. He continues to make amazing records and to tour around the world, playing stadiums, festivals, and clubs. His current tours have spanned several continents, including North America, Europe, South America and Asia. He has played with many other well known musicians, has performed on television programs such as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Live with Regis and Kelly,” and continues to appear in countless books, magazines and websites, being acknowledged as one of the top guitarists in the world!Kotzen is one of the few artists to be honored by Fender Guitar with not one, but two signature model guitars. The Kotzen Telecaster guitar has repeatedly been the #1 selling signature model guitar for Fender Japan. Cornford Amplification also honored Kotzen with his own signature series guitar amp (the RK 100) which in 2005 was voted Amp of the Year in the UK. In 2009, Zoom released the Richie Kotzen Signature Edition effects pedal (the G2R), providing a diverse range of tonal solutions programmed by Kotzen himself.Kotzen has amassed a catalogue of more than 25 albums and has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.“Touring and making music is my life. It is all I have ever done. I am very grateful to all the people around the world who have made that possible,” Richie humbly states.

Albumok :

Richie Kotzen (1989)
Richie Kotzen - Richie Kotzen1.Squeeze Play 
2.Strut It 
3.Unsafe At Any Speed 
4.Rat Trap 
5.Cryptic Script 
6.Plaid Plesiosaur 
7.Spider Legs 
8.Jocose Jenny 
9.Noblesse Oblige 
Fever Dream (1990)
Richie Kotzen - Fever Dream1.She 
2.Fall Of A Leader 
3.Off The Rails 
5.Things Remembered Never Die 
6.Dream Of A New Day 
7.Money Power 
9.Wheels Can Fly 
10.Truth In Lies 
Electric Joy (1991)
Richie Kotzen - Electric Joy1.B Funk 
2.Electric Joy 
4.Acid Lips 
5.Slow Blues 
6.High Wire 
7.Dr. Glee 
8.Hot Rails 
9.The Deece Song 
Mother Head's Family Reunion (1994)
Richie Kotzen - Mother Head1.Socialite 
2.Mother Head`s Family Reunion 
3.Where Did Our Love Go 
4.Natural Thing 
5.A Love Divine 
6.Soul To Soul 
7.Reach Out I`ll Be There 
10.A Woman & A Man 
11.Livin` Easy 
12.Cover Me 
13.Wailing Wall 
Tilt (1995)
Richie Kotzen - Tilt1.Tilt 
2.Chase The Dragon 
3.Tarnished With Age 
6.I Wanna Play 
7.Seventh Place 
9.Full View 
Inner Galactic Fusion Experience (1995)
Richie Kotzen - Inner Galactic Fusion Experience1.Pulse 
9.Last Words 
Wave of Emotion (1996)
Richie Kotzen - Wave of Emotion1.Wave Of Emotion 
2.Times Gonna Tell 
3.No Reason 
5.I’m Comin’ Out 
9.World Affair 
Project (1997)
Richie Kotzen - Project1.One Function 
2.Retro Slow 
5.Groove Epidemic 
7.Led Boots 
Something To Say (1997)
Richie Kotzen - Something To Say1.Something To Say 
2.What Makes A Man 
3.Bitter End 
5.Let Me In 
9.Holy Man 
11.Turned On 
What Is (1998)
Richie Kotzen - What Is1.What Is 
2.Too Deep 
3.You’ve Got A Fire 
4.Locked Out 
5.You Don’t Owe Me 
7.Open Your Eyes 
9.Lose Again 
10.Cross The Line 
11.I’m Losin’ You 
Break It All Down (1999)
Richie Kotzen - Break It All Down1.Break It All Down 
2.Killin’ Time 
3.Feelin’s Gone 
4.Some Voodoo 
5.I Would 
6.You Don’t Know 
7.Some Voodoo 
8.Live A Little 
9.I Don’t Belong 
10.My Addiction 
11.It Burns 
12.I’ll Be Around 
Bi-Polar Blues (1999)
Richie Kotzen - Bi-Polar Blues1.Gone Tommorrow Blues 
2.Tied To You 
3.They’re Red Hot 
4.Tobacco Road 
5.Broken Man Blues 
6.Thrill Is Gone 
7.From Four Till Late 
8.Step Away 
9.Burn It Down 
10.No Kinda Hero 
11.Richie’s Boogie 
Slow (2001)
Richie Kotzen - Slow1.Ohio 
2.Scared Of You 
3.Gold Digger 
4.The Answer 
7.Don’t Wanna Lie 
8.Got It Bad 
9.I Can Make You Happy 
11.Come Back (Swear To God) 
12.Rely On Me 
13.Let’s Say Goodbye 
Change (2003)
Richie Kotzen - Change1.Forever One 
2.Get A Life 
4.Don`t Ask 
5.Deeper (Into You) 
7.Am I Dreamin 
8.Shine (Acoustic Version) 
9.Good For Me 
10.Fast Money Fast Cars 
11.Unity (Jazz Bee Bop Instrumental) 
Acoustic Cuts (2003)
Richie Kotzen - Acoustic Cuts1.Change 
2.What Is 
4.Don’t Ask 
5.Where Did Our Love Go 
7.I Would 
8.You’ve Got A Fire 
9.Don’t Wanna Lie 
10.Let`s Say Goodbye 
Get Up (2004)
 1.Losing My Mind 
4.Get Up 
5.So Cold 
6.Such A Shame 
7.Made For Tonight 
9.Never Be The Same 
Nothing To Lose (as Forty Deuce) (2005)
Richie Kotzen - Nothing To Lose (as Forty Deuce)1.Intro 
2.Oh My God 
3.I Still 
4.Start It Up 
8.Stand Up 
9.Next To Me 
10.Standing In The Rain 
12.Nothing To Lose 
Into The Black (2006)
Richie Kotzen - Into The Black1.You Can’t Save Me 
4.The Shadow 
5.Doin’ What The Devil Says To Do 
6.Till You Put Me Down 
7.Sacred Ground 
8.Your Lies 
9.Livin’ In Bliss 
10.My Angel 
Go Faster – Return of the Mother Head’s Family Reunion (2007)
Richie Kotzen - Go Faster – Return of the Mother Head’s Family Reunion1.Go Faster 
2.You Know That 
3.Fooled Again 
5.Bad Things 
7.Chase It 
8.Do It To Yourself 
9.You’re Crazy 
10.Feed My Head 
11.Can You Feel It 
Live in Sao Paulo (2008)
Richie Kotzen - Live in Sao Paulo1.Socialite 
4.Fooled Again 
6.So Cold 
7.A Love Divine 
8.Shapes Of Things 
9.Doin’ What the Devil Says To Do 
10.I`m Losing You 
11.Mother Head’s Family Reunion 
The Road (2009)
Richie Kotzen - The Road1.How Does It Feel 
2.I Need Your Love 
4.Something In You 
5.How Do You Know 
6.I Promise I Will 
7.Everything Good 
8.Beautiful Life 
9.What I Lost 
11.The Road 
Peace Sign (2009)
Richie Kotzen - Peace Sign1.My Messiah 
2.Long Way From Home 
3.Paying Dues 
4.Peace Sign 
5.Best Of Times 
6.We’re All Famous 
7.You Got Me 
8.Your Entertainer 
9.Catch Up To Me 
10.Larger Than Life 
11.Holding On 

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