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Depths of Desecration - Before I fall dalszöveg

Hiding from the lies , all that seemed to be the safety
Guarded by the eyes judging me for I am guilty.
Now all the things you made are falling down on my shoulders.
You tried to destroy all but my broken soul still smolder.

Ref: I still ask why it is so easy for you to get the excuse.
Every piece of me you left just got too much of abuse.
Once you have to face with all you did still has it’s own fee.
But before I fall I will reveal all the secrets I see.

Once I put my trust in you, you just stabbed me in the back
All the pain and hatred are still crawling on my neck.
Rejected by the trusted, dropped away by all the loved,
I cried myself to sleep to many times to get too shoved

This is what I got for all the respect and the humbleness
And now I have to see through all the walls you built around yourself
Noone’s guarding you while I torn all your rights apart.
And give a smile to the sky, ’cause I learned my lesson from you.
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