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Depths of Desecration - Die By Trusted Hands dalszöveg

We’re too pathetic animals
Ruined by our own nature
Destroying what we want to own
We’ll soon get faced by closure

Playing gods on a borrowed land
We got too blind to fear the truth
Soon everything’s going to end
We should not expect any ruth

Conceptions poison every day
Everyone who wants to survive
All rules made by the ancients
Have failed but we connive.

Don’t ask but take all what you need
Remembering you’re better than everything
Thinking you’re the god of yourself
But you’re the slave of yourself, not the king.

We’ll soon find out what we did wrong 
Breaking everything where we belong
Time pass by and no escape
We all hide behind our own lies’ cape.

Guarded by the eyes of all noone understands your fear
Your face is buried in your hand never to show your tears
Every wound you take gets every day harder to heal
Facing the horror every day it gets too hard to feel.
Still can be broken after being broken to pieces
Still can hold all the power to look at the hated faces.
You think you’re different but must look deep in yourself to know
Your pitiful life one time will start to flow

All of us has secrets to
Hide from thyselves to live on
Pretending to be the everyday
Heroes but our spirit’s gone

Seeking for enemies we think
To have the only true voice
Pretending to rule we forget
Death is a law and not a choice


All sins are destined to take part
In our true self of darkness
One candle cannot burn down
All the walls of silence.

Making our perfect reality
We forget to choose the right way
Humbleness is going to die soon
We’ll eat oursleves alive.

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