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Depths of Desecration - One & Only dalszöveg

All alone againts the great and silent world 
It seems that so many are too blind to see the truth
Waiting for the time to come and clear there 
All the pain that once was said and done.

Bridge: And so you see
And so you feel
All the sins
That lie inside
Hide in the grave
Hiding the light
Killed by the all the pain
You want to hide

Refr.: Dying in the world that kills himself
Facing the fear that lies behind
Hated by the people at your hungry
Soul waiting to be fed
Feeling all the madness of life you feel 
You have to be the liar
No one cares for noone that cares,
You must see that you’re the outsider

Hypnotic voice call you to act like a junkie
And do anything for all your hedonist needs
You’ll be sacrificed even you are too dirty for heaven
And you’re still too clean to go to hell
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