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Depths of Desecration - Reborn dalszöveg

You have survived yourself
You have survived the world
All the fears still hunt you
Like demons from the dirt

Ashamed of your past life
You can’t find your place
New life was given to you, but
Now you have to find your faith

Bridge: Everything’s so different,
Everything’s so clear
All the wasted time seems gone
And your memories a nightmare

Ref: Finally awaken,
Sacrified by life
It’s so hard to understand
You almost killed all the lights
Suicidal thoughts
Written on an empty page
Hard to believe, hard to know
You escaped from the cage

Once you were sentenced to
Die alone in pain
To spill all the blood that
Runs in your vein
You’re not the cursed, you’re not the dead,
You’re not the weakened one
You got the chance to face with
All the sins you’ve done
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