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Depths of Desecration - Souls collide dalszöveg

Waking up the early night
Something similar feeling comes
After all those years 
I,m here by your side

I’ve been chasing so
Many broken dreams
All have betrayed me 
Now it seems I’ve found my burden

Bridge : I hope it stays real for I’ve
Spent so many years seeking for you
Tear me to pieces, let me be
Part of all your dreams

Refr : I’ve been waiting Assiduously
For a gracious dream to make me
Forget all the mistakes
I made searching for you

A few words chain me ’till death comes
Noone can take it away from me
Being a part of you keeps me
Being your slave for eternity

At an unknown place
Screaming for your voice
Walking hopeless plains
You’re my only choice

Running tears on your face 
Hurting dreams in your mind
Let me fight all those
Demons that you hide
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