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Xentrix - Incite dalszöveg

I am the one your prophets speak of as a curse 
Defile my name among the righteous 
The vibe I'm giving out is something you conceive as violation 
Cling onto icons made of bone 

I fight your false opinions 
Destroy with war of nerve 
Grip life and strength within me 
Until the pain returns 
Rise, Erase 
Distort a million reasons to despise 
A million hollow outlets for your lies 
My degradation your stepping stone 
This discharge I can take, immune to poison ideals freeborn 

I fight your false 
Redress, reanimate the lifeless wills of men 
Rejuvenate as one with strength of ten 
To take their place in a sick society 
And heal from inside lame, afflicted country torn 

I fight your false...
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