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Xentrix drums : Dennis Gasser(1985-1996)
bass : Paul MacKenzie(1985-1996)
guitars : Kristian Havard(1985-1996)
guitar/vocals : Chris Astley(1985-1996)
vocals : Simon Gordon( 1996-1997)
guitars : Kristian Havard( 1996-1997)
bass : Paul MacKenzie( 1996-1997)
drums : Dennis Gasser( 1996-1997)
guitar/vocals : Chris Astley(Reunion Shows 2006)
guitars : Kristian Havard(Reunion Shows 2006)
bass : Paul MacKenzie(Reunion Shows 2006)
drums : Dennis Gasser(Reunion Shows 2006)
Formed in 1985, British thrashers Xentrix (pronounced Zen-tricks) began their careers by playing metal covers before focusing all of their efforts on coming up with original material. Initially known as Sweet Vengeance, guitarist/vocalist Chris Astley, guitarist Kristian Havard, drummer Dennis Gasser and bassist Paul Mackenzie created enough of a stir through their live performances that the English branch of Roadrunner Records took notice and signed the group in January 1989.

Albumok :

Demo 1987 (1987)
2.Hunger for Death 
3.Nobody`s Perfect 
4.Grand as a Frog 
Hunger for Demo demo (1987)
2.Hunger for Death 
3.Nobody`s Perfect 
4.Grand as a Frog 
Promo demo (1988)
 1.Bad Blood 
2.Reason for Destruction 
3.No Compromise 
Shattered Existence (1989)
Xentrix - Shattered Existence1.No Compromise 
2.Balance of Power 
4.Back in the Real World 
5.Dark Enemy 
6.Bad Blood 
7.Reasons for Destruction 
8.Position of Security 
9.Heaven Cent 
Ghost Busters single (1990)
Xentrix - Ghost Busters single 1.Ghost Busters 
2.Nobody`s Perfect 
For Whose Advantage? (1990)
Xentrix - For Whose Advantage?1.Questions 
2.For Whose Advantage? 
3.The Human Condition 
4.False Ideals 
5.The Bitter End 
6.New Beginnings 
7.Desperate Remedies 
8.Kept in the Dark 
9.Black Embrace 
10.Running White Faced City Boy [Ian Gillan cover] 
Dilute to Taste ep (1991)
Xentrix - Dilute to Taste ep1.Pure Thought 
2.Shadows Of Doubt 
3.Balance Of Power (live) 
4.Kept In The Dark (live) 
5.Crimes (live) 
6.Ghost Busters [Ray Parker Jr. cover] (live) 
The Order of Chaos single (1992)
Xentrix - The Order of Chaos single 1.The Order Of Chaos 
3.All Bleed Red 
Kin (1992)
Xentrix - Kin1.The Order of Chaos 
2.A Friend to You 
3.All Bleed Red 
4.No More Time 
6.Come Tomorrow 
8.See Through You 
9.Another Day 
Songs of Pain split (1992)
Xentrix - Songs of Pain split 1.Obituary:I`m in Pain 
2.Deicide:Repent to Die 
3.Sadus:Through the Eyes of Greed 
4.Defiance (US):The Killing floor 
5.Xentrix:The Order of Chaos 
Demo \'94 (1994)
 1.The hand that feeds itself 
2.Never be 
Scourge (1996)
Xentrix - Scourge1.13 Years 
4.Caught You Living 
5.Strength of Persuasion 
6.Never Be 
7.The Hand That Feeds Itself 
8.Blood Nation 

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2010.07.03. 22:47:18
Ebben egyetértünk.
Hypothermia "A béke - kölcsönös rettegés"
2010.07.03. 21:57:22
rohadt jó banda !!!

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