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Xentrix - Reasons for Destruction dalszöveg

Religious warlords to keep us in line. 
Dogmatic armies to worship the shrine. 
Fanatical leaders across the earth, 
Religious wars for us all to curse. 

To do and obey to their every need, 
With open arms we fall foul to their greed. 
One God one Master, we do and obet. 
Non-believers slaughtered in the wake of decay. 

The church for sinners, their darkest hour. 
Holy men preaching holy lies. 
Too blind to see the Mighty one's smile, 
Who cares if we live or die. 

To do and obey... 

Flies in a web we fall prey to them all. 
God the redeemer the ultimate power, 
Dogs to their masters, we answer their call. 
Your money not your soul, that's their desire. 

To do and obey... 

Ain't no reason 
Ain't no reason 
Ain't no reasons for destruction. 
Just done, under blind instruction. 
Ain;t no, reasons for destruction. 
Just done, under blind instruction.
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