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Agregator - EdenEast dalszöveg

Swirling on the soil that we thought ours
Without barriers, without bars
We are the neglected Ones
Hanging on the rope of oaths
Still dreaming about an Eden
Thinking that hope will carry on
Or some kind of ancient instict
Will help you on and on
But we don’t need no hope
We don’t need no care
As we strew the seeds of failure
Crawling for not to be reaped
Banished this side of Eden
With the mark “We cannot co-exist!”
We cherish the memories with our blood.
Because we are tainted with their past
Just keep looking back.
Never choose the harder path

Weave a dream about Eden
Believe that Hope will carry on
And the life grows sore and priceless
As time goes on and on.
Just dig inside your little secrets
Being straight now ain’t enough
Serve and toil for the guarding angel
And thoughtless – just struggle and trust
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