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Agregator - High Water Mark dalszöveg

As far I know - course set and sealed
In sweet unlight I can’t receive
Or transmit the toughts of mine
Revelations – fevered kind
Of visions – in bitter light
On this highground of life
Just climb upwards ‘till the final approach
Never knowing where’s the peak
As the steps take us further
Away from our sweet belongings
Dreaming about our wounds would ever heal
But the facts are not responding
Without the former guiding lines
Just struggling in the dark
When will we reach our zenith
Where stands our High Water Mark.
We’re without tears, without fire
And without understanding
Seeking the joys we’ll never feel
Well known, but still annoying
So as we slowly reach the slopes
Much easier to see
Great times are left behind us
But the mark will always shows the peak
Slopes and risings of the hills
Have I created something
Something that really hard to leave
Like thirteen stars of freedom
And yellow rose amongst the maize
Fight for your cause and soul
With fury and faith
And as I cross over the river and have
Rest under the shade of trees
I look towards the sign
Enjoying its hights
Hights of a trail
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