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Agregator - OnePowered dalszöveg

Again things went down down-hearted
Nowhere to break
Debates – all are came to a dead-end
To the dead-lock of the day
Don’t know who’s the hunter, who’s hunted
They are all the same
See Justice is blind, but bound
If she’s ever awake
The One for one, the One for all
You have to stand the ground
To prove the power of one
The power on one
You have to cut through all the knots
To light the darkest thoughts
To prove the power of one
The power on one
You say someone have to force the changes
The tables have to be turned
But now – seize your chances
And don’t wait for another
There’s too much to do in this tiny lifetime
To waste them once for all
Just gather the deeds that’ll raise you
When you write the final chapter
And leave the world to burn
Not just counts what is complete
But all what you cared to build
Don’t disturb the ashes
Accept them once great
Recognize their beauty
The beauty of the fate
As we write the final entry
And the journal is have to be closed
We long for getting another chance
To shun the darkest road
Where the flames of burning bridges
Light the way we walk
Ther ash our last companion
Witness of tales untold
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